10 pages to download comics for free

10 pages to download comics for free

Comics are not the most popular leftovers in Spain, but there are a large number of users who are fond of these graphic comics. We offer you 9 websites where you can find and download comics for free. A great opportunity to complete your collection with works that have already disappeared from stores.

Grandpa Sawa

Grandpa Sawa

El Abuelo Sawa is one of the oldest comic download portals behind him. In its catalog you will find the most famous comics from the best publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, ONI Press, Image, IDW Publishing, ICON, VERTIGO, AVATAR and Dark Horse .

Its interface organizes all the comics of each publisher in a chronological and alphabetical way, so that you do not have problems when looking for what interests you. This portal accumulates more than 65,000 likes on Facebook, a testament to the great work they do.

The Comic Warehouse

The Comics Warehouse

We continue with El Almacén del Cómics, a website for downloading comics that stands out for how simple and clear its interface is. All the content is organized in clusters and a complete menu in which you will find the most famous and funny comics. Its main weakness is that it does not include Marvel works .

It also includes an information bank with a multitude of additional repositories, in which you can find the comics that are not available in The Comics Warehouse. Undoubtedly an essential web portal for lovers of this type of comics.

Uncle Cammoi

Uncle Cammoi

Tio Cammoi is a website that does not stand out for being the most orderly, but it is one of the ones that includes the most content . It has more than a hundred pages in which you will find the most important and acclaimed works, including of course Marvel, DC Comics and the challenge of the main publishers.

Its search engine will help you find the comic you've been looking for. Its creators have thought of everything, and even offer guides on how you can find and read all the comics that interest you.



Howtoarsenio is an ideal website for newbies to the world of comics. This site offers you the order in which you must read the works to enjoy them to the fullest, a function that not all portals offer. This way you will know the perfect order to read the best comics.

It has a large amount of content classified by publishers, and many articles dedicated to the most fans of comics, you are sure to have fun with them. The amount of works available is not as large as other platforms, but all of them are of the best quality.



Cómicxclic is a comic portal that focuses mainly on the works of DC and Marvel , in addition to some of the most popular graphic novels. The Batman and Spiderman logo that you will find already makes it clear what the tastes of its authors are. Its cover includes a cluster where all the leftovers contained in its database are shown.

It also includes some of the best manga works, including Drabon Ball, Bleach, and One Punch Man among many others. Without a doubt an option to take into account if you are a fan of comics and manga.



Izicomics stands out for offering a large number of works, in addition to being available in a multitude of formats, including PDF . Thanks to this you will not have compatibility problems with any of the devices you use to read them. This makes it the ideal portal if you want to have your comics in a format that you can read wherever you go.

It has classification by categories, as well as a useful search engine so that you can always find the comic you have been looking for. Its main screen will also show you the latest comics added. A website with a simple design, but that is very functional as well as attractive.

Classic Comics


Its name already indicates it, Classic Comics is not a portal dedicated to the typical works of Marvel and DC. This website is ideal for lovers of old comics such as Mickey Mouse, Tribilin, Hanna Barbera and many others. It may be a good opportunity for your children to enjoy the best comics of your childhood.

It may seem like a very messy website, but it includes a search engine and a classification system for works by keywords or the name of the author. It may take you a bit to adapt to its design, but when you do you will find the best classic jewels.

Superheroes Revealed


Revealed Superheroes focuses on DC Comics content , as well as a multitude of movies and animated series that will delight fans. Its interface is not very organized, but it will help you find the most outstanding works.

On the right side you will find a sidebar where the most outstanding works of its different categories are displayed. This is perfect if you want to see what is the most popular content on the platform.

The Den Comics

The Den Comics

El Cubil Cómics is a small bank of comics that organizes all its content in a small sidebar on the left margin of the site. If you scroll the main page, you will find a list with the latest comics that have been added to its database. It is not a very well designed page, but it shows you important information such as the title, the language, the weight of the file and its format.

Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle

Amazon also offers us a good number of free comics, all of them compatible with your Kindle devices. The e-commerce giant offers us works in Spanish, in addition to English and German , something perfect if you want to kill two birds with one stone and improve your knowledge of another language while having fun. You just have to put the words "Comics" in your search engine.

These are the 9 best websites we have found to download comics. Did you know any of them? If you know of any other website, you can leave a comment to help other users who do not know them to find their favorite comics.