How to change the font and font on an Android mobile

How to change the typeface and font on an Android mobile 1

All Android mobiles come with a default style of letter and font in their interface. If you have ever thought about how you could change the typeface and font to customize it to your liking , we bring you the solution.

Any user who wants to customize this aspect of their Android mobile has the possibility, regardless of the brand of the mobile. To achieve this there are different ways , we show you what they are.

Change the letter and font in settings

Not all brands allow their Android users to change the typeface and font in this section. To check it, you have to take the steps that we are going to indicate. If you can't from your device, don't worry, we'll tell you more ways to do it later.

Some of the brands that give their users the possibility to make these changes through the settings are: Xiaomi. HTC, Samsung or LG. But, even if your smartphone is of this brand, it may not allow it, since it only works with some specific models.

In settings you have to go to the screen section. If your mobile allows it, from there you can go to sources, this is how you can choose the ones that your device offers you. Of course, it has its limitations, the letters you would like may not appear but at least you have other options. Samsung mobiles offer more variety, by letting you add fonts from the Galaxy Store.

What many brands also do is make different themes available to their users to choose the one we like the most . Depending on the theme we choose, we will have different letters and fonts.

Applications to change font and letter

If the previous possibility has not convinced you and you have not managed to personalize your Android as you wanted, we offer you this alternative that works with any Android device, regardless of the brand or model. From the Play Store there are many specific applications, which give you the possibility to change many details of your mobile , among which is the font and font. In order for you to find what best suits what you want, we suggest the following apps.

Large font

This application makes it very clear what it is for in its title. It is specifically used to change the font size. Large Font is an application designed for people who have vision problems. It is a convenient and simple solution to change to any font size.


The most characteristic of this application is the large number of options it has to change the typeface and font. There are all the styles available for you to choose the one you prefer . Its interface is very simple, and with so many possibilities it is easy to find one that we like. The main advantage of HiFont is that it adapts to all tastes. The fonts are continually updated, also having exclusive styles to which you can also add color.

Hifont fonts for Android

Stylish Text

This application aims to be able to create texts with different styles to be able to send them to other devices. It also includes an editor for you to customize the typeface and font. Stylish Text is a good option if you are looking to create attractive and original messages.

There are more applications that you can easily find on Google Play related to customizing letters and fonts. Without the need for permissions and special privileges, you can easily make modifications. If you are one of those people who like to have their own style, these recommendations will surely interest you.