What is the distance from the sofa to watch a 4K TV?

What is the distance from the sofa to watch a 4K TV?

One of the aspects that most concerns us when we go to buy a television is its size. There are many who apply the well-known phrase “big horse, walk or not walk”. Others prefer smaller screens but offer higher image quality. However, the most common question is whether the screen will not be too large for our living room . Who says living room says room, kitchen or any location where we are going to put the television.

For this reason, there are many articles that have been written about the ideal size of the television according to the distance from the sofa to the television. But there is another factor that we must take into account and that is just as important . This is none other than the screen resolution. Or rather, the resolution of the content that we are going to see.

Visual comfort

But first, let's talk about visual comfort. A larger screen size doesn't always translate into a better viewing experience. Although we have commented that the resolution of the content is important, the distance between the sofa and the television is still a key point .

distance from the sofa to watch a 4K TV visual comfort

If the screen we buy is too large for the distance we sit at, the image looks pixelated . Also, if we are excessively close, we may even have to turn our face to see the whole image. Something similar to what happens when we sit too close at the movies.

On the contrary, if we opt for a screen that is too small, we will not be able to enjoy the image quality of the television and the details of the images . That is why it is important to choose the ideal TV size in each case.

How to choose the ideal TV size?

The first thing to do is calculate the distance we have between the sofa and the screen . We must choose a viewing point as centered as possible, even if there are later viewers at other points. When we already have the measured distance, we can calculate the size of the TV.

And this is where resolution comes into play. According to some studies, the formula to apply would be the following :

TV resolutionHDFull HDUHD (4K)
Recommended distance3.9 + Diagonal screen2.6 x Screen Diagonal1.3 x Diagonal screen

Nope !, the calculation is done with the screen diagonal in centimeters . For example, the recommended distance to view a 55-inch 4K TV would be:

1.3 x 139.7 = 181.6

That is, according to this formula, a 55-inch 4K TV should be placed 1.81 meters away . With this in mind, here is a table that you can take as a reference:

Distance from sofaHDFull HDUHD (4K)
Between 1 and 1.5 metersLess than 24 inchesUp to 24 inchesUp to 46 inches
Between 1.5 and 2 metersLess than 24 inchesUp to 32 inchesUp to 55 inches
Between 2 and 3 metersUp to 32 inchesUp to 46 inchesUp to 85 inches
Between 3 and 4 metersUp to 40 inchesUp to 55 inchesStarting at 110 inches

Of course, this is just a small reference that we can take. Here we must also take into account the tastes of the user . Some see these excessive distances and prefer to buy a larger TV than recommended in the table.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that, the normal thing is to see mixed content . It is rare that a user always watches content with 4K UHD resolution. More than anything because DTT broadcasts, at most, in 1080i. So this should also be taken into account when choosing a suitable size.

How does 4K resolution affect?

distance from the sofa to watch a 4K TV meters

If we look for tables of this type on the Internet we will find many different ones. There may be small differences between them, but we should all have similar numbers .

As you have seen, the 4K UHD resolution has radically revolutionized the idea we had about the recommended distance from the sofa to the television. With 4 times the resolution of Full HD content, it allows us to enjoy a larger screen with a much shorter viewing distance .

For example, with a distance of between 2 and 3 meters (very common in living rooms), we can place a screen of up to no less than 85 inches . We repeat, as long as we see content with 4K resolution.

So, if you are thinking of buying a new device and you don't know what the ideal size of the TV is, with these tables you can have a fairly valid reference.