Tricks for Windows 8, how to create a direct button to shut down the system

Turn off Botton

If you have just bought a computer or a tablet with the Windows 8 operating system , you are probably facing more than one headache to find out how the system shuts down. With the Windows 8.1 update , we can access this function directly from the desktop more easily thanks to the Windows button, but it is still a far-fetched way to access a basic function on any computer. If you want to introduce a shutdown button both in the main Windows interface and on the desktop, we will tell you how to get it in a few simple steps.

To enter this icon within the main interface, you must first access the desktop (it appears as an icon). Once inside the  desktop , right click on the screen, "new" and then "Direct access" . Within the location of the shortcut, you must enter the address " shutdown.exe -s -t 00 " without the quotation marks. Then we add the name we want to the access, for example,  "Turn off the computer". The next step is optional but can be useful to identify the icon in the main interface and make it more visual. It is about changing the image of the shortcut through its properties.

To do this, we right-click on the shortcut and then on the "properties" option  . In the next step, we click on "Change icon" and accept the warning window with the message that asks us to choose one of the icons from the list. By default, the directory that stores the default Windows icons will open  . If we have our own icons, we can examine the equipment. Once the icon has been chosen, we click on the "Apply" button and then we open Windows Explorer . Typically, it will be pinned to the desktop taskbar. Otherwise, we can click with the right button in the lower left corner and then"Windows Explorer" .

Windows 8 shutdown button

Inside the explorer, we go to the main unit where we have installed the Windows 8 system  (generally C: /), then "ProgramData" , "Microsoft", "Windows", "Start Menu" and finally  "Programs". In order to access these folders, you must have the hidden content view activated. To do this, we access the "View" menu at the top of the browser and then activate the "Hidden elements" option . The last step for the button to appear on the Windows 8 interface is to  copy the shortcut to the programs folder . Administrator permissions must be provided so that the shortcut can be copied to this folder.

Now, if what we want is to enter the icon directly on the Windows 8 taskbar , the first thing we are going to do is follow the same steps to create the shortcut on the desktop. Once we have the icon, we right-click on the taskbar and then we display the option of "Toolbars" and "New toolbar." We must create a new name for the toolbar, for example "Shutdown button". This title should now appear on your desktop taskbar. We right click on the title and then "Open folder". We must copy the shortcut that we have created inside this folder. Now we will see that if we click on the small arrows that are located to the right of the name of this toolbar we can access the option to turn off the system. There are only a couple more steps to go. Again, we right click on the taskbar and "lock the taskbar" . Another right click on the bar "Off button" and remove the selection from "Show title" . At this time, if we have done the steps correctly, the icon to turn off small should appear. Now we only have to reopen the previous menu, select the "View" menu and the "Large icons".From this menu we can also remove the option to "Show text" and we will enjoy a direct icon to turn off the system.

As a tip, it may be useful to drag this icon to the left to pin it as if it were another program and then remove the taskbar. In this way we will have a beautiful icon to access Windows 8 shutdown in just one click.