Calendar 2017, more than 150 templates to print and download for free


There are very few days until the year is over, so apart from preparing the nougat, the polvorones and the gifts, you also have to get hold of the new 2017 calendars . You may be one of the practical ones and when it comes to hanging the calendar for the new year, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to a store to buy a calendar to use . But if you are one of those who prefer to personalize it and create an original calendar adjusted to your style, you have to take a look at all the calendars that we have come to propose you today. There are them for all tastes and needs: from basic monthly calendars, to annual, weekly, advent calendars, with photos, without them, with drawings or with the most varied decorations.Below, we offer you more than 150 templates to print and download for free of the 2017 Calendar .

casual calendar 2017

Serious and informal calendars

Let's start with the more informal calendars . On the Internet we will find proposals for all tastes and needs, but it is clear that if you are going to hang a calendar in the office, it does not make much sense to do so including a personalized photo of your holidays in the snow with your family. In this case, it is best to download flat calendars , which inform us about the different days of the year and even allow us to include annotations, in order to indicate the holidays of our company, important days, the end of the quarter or any other issue that is vital to the job. In VIP Calendar you have a complete calendar for 2017 that you can transform into multiple formatsand that it has a pretty standard appearance. Holidays and weeks are marked, but if you still want to customize it a little more, you can open it in Word or Excel . If you want to create a still photo, you can export it directly to PDF and share it, if you wish, with other colleagues in the office.

But this is not all, because WinCalendar, although basic,  is one of the most complete options that exist online. It is a tool that makes different calendars available to us for free. They have a serious and informal design , which is what interests us in this case, so that any calendar you download here will serve you for the office or if you prefer, for the home. You will be able to choose between different modalities: horizontal or vertical, but you will also have the option of downloading a smaller calendar or that starts on Monday. Best of all, these calendars are much more customizable than the VIP Calendar . In this case, you can download the calendarmonth by month and open it directly in Word. You can add text to each of the boxes, which will undoubtedly come in handy to update the calendar month by month with the most important events and meetings. In addition, you can use all the editing tools that Microsoft Word usually offers you . We refer to the font, the colors and the different sizes. In this way you will organize yourself in a more practical and visual way.

Finally, do not forget that depending on the country you are in, WinCalenar will offer you the possibility of adding national holidays . On the other hand, if you are more used to using Excel, you shouldn't worry either, because you can download all the calendar pages in this program. Easy right?

Office calendars

Every year they include a good assortment of calendars, but usually you have to wait a bit until next year's are not available. We are talking about Microsoft Office calendars , which the company makes available to users of its services. Either way, we recommend that you pay attention to the Templates section and specifically to the Calendars section , to see if there is already a template available to edit in Word, Power Point or Excel . Most likely, you can add your own photos and print it directly from your home printer, although for now we cannot guarantee availability. We have accessed and you can still find the 2016 calendars . Be patient and wait, because the new templates may not be available until well into the new year or, if you prefer, take a look at the rest of the templates and calendars. It will be for proposals!


Calendars by semesters and weeks

Do you organize yourself in a different way? If, for whatever reason, you don't usually organize your work in months, but in weeks, perhaps it would be interesting if you took a look at the iCalendar proposal . On this page you will find different organizational calendars that will adapt to your temporary needs. For example, you can download an annual calendar that helps you make a simple but precise planning and do it, in addition, in three different colors: white, blue and red. You also have a 2017 calendar by semesters , with the numbers of the week , with the saints  and by months, if you prefer the traditional system. The most interesting thing about this system is that it downloads the 2017 calendar for the whole year, and you don't have to do it month by month or week by week in different documents. In all cases, you can choose different colors , but go ahead because they are very well designed calendars: simple, but clear. You can choose between making annotations before printing, or if you prefer, after having uploaded the calendar, enter the dates and data of interest that you need. It is as easy as taking a pen, although if you prefer, you can also reprint each page having made the corresponding modifications . It will always be cleaner, neater and more formal.

children's calendar

Downloadable calendars in images

If you have no intention of customizing your calendar, you can take a look at the images that can be downloaded from Google . In this way, you will have at your fingertips an infinite number of proposals - from more serious to more fun - to print directly. All you have to do is do a Google search and access the images section to locate the calendars that you like the most. When you have found an interesting proposal , all you have to do is click on it and hit the save as button. Then you can adapt the format in an image editor or a word processor and print. We propose some of the ones that we liked the most: one very colorful ,with a childish touch for the class or the children's room , a more modern one distributed in blocks of colors , to plan the weeks  or organize the whole year . We also have completely white proposals , in classic blue tones , with a LEGO touch  or a striking design.  But here are just a few examples of everything you can find by doing a Google search . Search for "Calendar 2017" or "2017 Calendar" and enter the dimensions you want, such as "Calendar 2017 for children" , because you may find really nice templates.

pinterest calendar

Ideas and templates downloadable on Pinterest

Are you a fan of Pinterest and pretty things? If you are one of those who pin all the cool designs, perhaps this way of finding your new calendar or calendars for 2017 will seduce you much more. On Pinterest there is a section called the 2017 Calendar in which you can find proposals for all color tastes. Some can give you the inspiration you need to create your own calendar or customize it, but others you can download directly. All they have to do is go through the printer to hang them directly , without further complications. The best thing about all this is that there are absolutely beautiful and original designs. Among many other options, you can find a calendar with mandalas, geometric motifs , monthly organizers , comic style , monthly with flowers and design motifs , with watercolors , black and white geometry  and with illustrations to paint .

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Calendars to print, cut out and assemble

Do flat calendars bore you ? Well, in that case, we recommend you take out scissors and glue. What we want to recommend are a few calendars that you can print, but to enjoy all its essence, you will have to assemble following some instructions. So, for example, you can find a hexagonal calendar in three dimensions , a rectangular one to put on the table , one with used rolls of toilet paper . The latter is an excellent proposal as an advent calendar. But next, we are going to dedicate a specific section for this type of calendars, ideal for the little ones in the house.

advent calendar

Advent calendars

They are fantastic for these dates. They help us get to Christmas faster , especially for the little ones, because each day you can add an activity or even a prize in the form of candy or chocolate. On the Internet we find proposals for all tastes, some of which can be downloaded as crafts. If not, you can also take a look at all these ideas to apply them directly at home and practice that of "do it yourself". On this page you will find a total of 18 advent calendars to print, cut out and assembleat home. In each of the links you will have access to the document (usually a PDF or image) with all the elements you need. The only thing you will have to do is give it to print and get to work with the assembly.

hp calendar print

Calendars with personal photos

It is a great gift for this Christmas . There is nothing that makes grandparents more excited than having a calendar with photos of their grandchildren for the whole year. Well, to make this type of montage there are different online tools that you can take advantage of. Once you have inserted all the photos you want, you will have the option to print the calendar for free and assemble it however you want. Then you will only have to wrap it to give as a gift and that's it. But where do I start? Luckily, there are countless online services that can help you in your task . First of all, what we will do is recommend a page to do it completely free of charge. It's about HP Photo Creations, a classic of all years in which in addition to creating calendars, you can make all kinds of photographic montages to print from the comfort of home.

The only downside to HP Photo Creations is that it is a downloadable program. The first thing you will have to do is download the right tool for your computer and operating system . You can consult it within this same page. The download will take a while, because for Windows, for example, we are talking about 29.8 MB . When you are done, you will have to install the program and you will be ready to start working with your photos. Keep in mind, on the other hand, that with HP Photo CreationsYou can also make album pages, square digital scrapbook pages, prints and collages, flat photo cards, quadrips, photo buckets, invitations and announcements, newsletters, banners, brochures, postcards and double cards. If you usually create these types of documents, the HP program will be useful for all this .

hp photos

Be that as it may, the monthly and annual calendars that you can create through this tool can be printed at home, but HP also offers you the opportunity to send it to print and receive it by mail , which is also a good option if you are looking for it's superior print and paper quality.

Once the program is installed, what you will have to do is sign up or register with a user account . If this step makes you lazy, don't worry, because you will also have the opportunity to identify yourself with your Facebook account . When you have found the calendar you like (you will see that there is a special section with countless different templates), you will have to click on the green button "Print my calendar" . And now you can start editing. HP makes it quite easy for you, because all you have to do is drag your photos into the reserved spaces. Keep editing the calendar month by month with your favorite photos, save the project and print whenever you want.

generate free online calendar

Create free calendars online

Does this tool convince you? If the answer is no, don't worry, because there are many other programs to download, but also many others that you can use online. Free Photo Calendar  is one of them. It is a free option with which you can create calendar pages month by month of several years. This time we are interested in 2017 , so in principle you will not have major problems to get it. Simply indicate the month, the year, on what day you want the week to start (the most common is Monday, although some calendars do it on Sunday), if you mark the holidays and the size of the document. The latter will depend on how you are going to print the calendar. If you do it at home, you will most likely use a normal printer, so you can print it inA4 size, which is the most common. You can also indicate the language (this is important when taking into account holidays) and choose a template. It would not be bad if when choosing all these options, the tool was a bit more graphic , because the templates, for example, cannot be previewed. Be that as it may, when you finish, all you have to do is click on the Generate calendar button for the calendar to appear.

You will see that then a page appears that you can download, with a random photo . It is clear that in this case you will not be able to enter your own photos, but you will have the option of choosing between different styles and the results are frankly good. The images that this tool incorporates by default are very successful and what you can get in the end is a very well finished calendar to use at home, in the office or to give to your loved ones. Print the resulting pages and voila!

big huge calendar

If you don't want to give up adding your personal photos, you can opt for another tool, which in this case is called Big Huge Labs . The only thing you have to do in this case is to fill in the form, although keep one thing in mind: the images you enter will have to be resized to the indicated size , because the tool does not do it by itself. We recommend that before uploading it you edit it with the appropriate dimensions, so that it fits well in the space reserved for it . Then you will have to create the calendar pages one by one, because it is not possible to create the entire calendar. The best of all is that you can add the photos you want,without limitations, and customize it to your liking for yourself or for your loved ones.

2017 calendar from, free

january calendar one expert Azahara and David

But there is more. We have developed an exclusive calendar specially designed for those of you who like to follow the news on . Here you will find every month a photo of a relaxed atmosphere on our YouTube set  . On each sheet you will see some colleagues dressed according to the weather each month. Just click on the 2017 Calendar on to access the free download page. Once you have downloaded the PDF (Cover plus 12 months) , you can print it in the format you prefer. Here you can see a couple of months as an example.

august calendar one expert

Create a custom calendar with Photoshop

Are you a regular Photoshop user ? If you are a regular on this famous program, you may want to find a way to edit your own calendar through this tool. The truth is that it may not be as simple as with the rest of the proposed tools , but there are different tricks and tools that you can use as support. In particular, we have found the one proposed from the Dzoom page very useful , in which its creators offer us a free template to download and use directly in Photoshop. All you have to do is  download it and then open the different sections in the program. You will have the opportunity to work month by month and then choose the photo you want to use for that month. For example, imagine you have a photo of Reyes to introduce in January . Open it within the program itself, copy and paste it into the calendar edit page. It is clear that you will have to adjust the size of the photo to the space that you have enabled for it. When you're done, all you have to do is save the results as an image (in JPG or PNG format, for example) . The pages of your calendar will now be ready to print and you can do it at home, or if you prefer outside, to gain print and paper quality.


Customizable payment calendars

In this article we have collected the best ideas to create and print your calendars for free, but taking into account that there are so many options on the market, we cannot do without the most revealing ones, although in this case we must recognize that they are paid. We speak, for example, of Hoffman . The popular album printing and photo development site also offers you the ability to create your own personalized calendar. You can choose from a wide variety of different templatesand insert the personal photos you want. Thus, you will have the option of making a calendar with the best moments lived as a family, but also your family vacations or your best moments with friends. The best of all is that the price does not seem excessively expensive. In addition, now you can benefit from some Christmas promotions and create your calendar for between 18 and 20 euros . The main advantage of this system is, without a doubt, the quality, but also that with this you forget to print, cut and do any type of manual work. Simple and fast.

Calendars with your favorite characters and themes

What if you could have a calendar with your photo and the Peppa Pig characters ? What if there was some way to introduce Spiderman , the Real Madrid crest or the famous Minions into your annual calendar ? Well calm, because there is a way to achieve it. If you access the Photo Effects page you will find templates with all these characters , as well as other reasons, that you can combine your photos with. They are annual, so with a single print you will have your calendar made.

calendar design

Curious calendars

Man does not live on informal calendars alone. There are countless calendars that will delight the most curious or that simply have an unusual use for the vast majority. In this last section we want to propose many other calendars that we have found and that may surely be useful to you. You have the classic advent calendar , a plannera birthday calendar , a white calendar to organize your way , a monthly calendar with different sections to plan work , another white monthly calendar , an idea for a weekly menu planner , anothercalendar to print with super cute and curious drawings , an annual linear calendar , a very cute weekly planner , templates to plan your days daily , another birthday calendar  and different monthly planners to print in blocks .

Moon's calendar

Lunar calendars

If you are a fan of moons and want to keep up to date with all their transformations, here are different proposals. You have a calendar with the moons forming snails  or another more basic with all the moons of 2017 , one with a super minimalist design.  You can also take a look at the agricultural calendars, perhaps they will help you take better care of your urban garden and the plants you have on the balcony. You will see that both calendars are closely related, so taking a look at the different Pinterest proposals you may find different combinations of the two: all you have to do is write "Calendar 2017" or "2017 Calendar" to dive among the hundreds and hundreds of proposals that are available online.

Which of these calendars did you like the most? Have you downloaded one or more? You can tell us about your perfect calendar below in the comments and maybe you can also provide us with an interesting recommendation. What calendar or template did you use to create this year's calendar?