7 essential websites if you want to buy a reconditioned mobile

reconditioned mobile

For a mobile to have the 'reconditioned' seal, it must meet certain standards. Before getting into the matter, the important thing. When we acquire a 'reconditioned' terminal we are talking about a second-hand one . They can be returned phones without having a single fault but that the store cannot sell as new; or that they have had a small damage, after which they are repaired and put on sale again. In addition, we find exhibition models, packages with aesthetic defects ... whatever the reason, the equipment is checked and tuned to make it look like new.

As we want you to save on the purchase of your next mobile, in the event that you have decided on a reconditioned mobile we invite you to visit these websites to buy it . They are pages that offer reconditioned mobiles with a full guarantee. However, it is always good that you see their conditions of sale so that everything is tied and well tied.

Visit the best websites to buy your new reconditioned mobile

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon has an exclusive space for the sale of reconditioned products under the name 'Amazon Warehouse'. On the official page of the site, Amazon Warehouse is described as a store that ' offers products that have been returned by customers, that have the box open or that have been slightly damaged during handling in the warehouse, at an even lower price with the benefits of Amazon logistics and customer service. 'At first, it does not specify that they sell damaged products that have later been repaired, but if you look closely, it does not say the reason for the return. It is something that we have to take into account.

From January 22 to 31 we have a 20% discount on reconditioned Amazon Warehouse products , therefore, at the already reduced price for being a second-use product, we will have to add this new one. For example, we have a Xiaomi Redmi 7A at a price of about 84 euros or a Xiaomi Mi 9T for about 219 euros, with 20% of the promotion already activated.

Refurbished iPhone

A good way to get a model, usually quite expensive, such as the iPhone, is by going through the reconditioned terminals section of its website. In addition, you can finance the purchase, from that page, with interest at 0%. You can save with the purchase of a new iPhone between 130 and 330 euros, depending on the model you aspire to.

For example, the 256GB Iphone X is priced at 830 euros instead of the usual 1,200 euros it costs. Another model that we can buy at a lower price is the 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus whose usual price is 830 euros and which reconditioned costs 700 euros.


Unless stated otherwise, this store offers reconditioned mobiles with all original parts. Of course, some of the accessories that will accompany the phone may simply be compatible with the brand or universal. Shipments are made from its warehouse located in Alicante to any point in the country and abroad. If the order is in stock, the shipment will be made the next business day before 2 in the afternoon. The client has the right, by law, to withdraw the article within a period of 14 calendar days without having to give any explanation. The only peculiarity of this page is that we will only find Samsung and Apple models among their reconditioned ones.


Some examples of terminals that we can buy on this page: the iPhone 7 Plus, from a price of 750 euros would go to 580 euros or a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for 487 euros (usually we can find this phone at a price of 580 euros new ).

Back Market

On this page we will not only be able to buy reconditioned mobiles, but also laptops. The good thing about this site is that it tells you what state the terminal you are going to buy is in, the guarantee it receives, the discount on the total price that you will enjoy and, very importantly, the amount of waste that you would be saving instead of buying. new one. Because when you decide to buy a refurbished mobile you are not only betting on your pocket but also on the environment .

back market

We have on this page, for example, the possibility of acquiring a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 512 GB of internal memory for 718 euros (its official price is 1,160 euros). The delivery time is 48 working hours and the site has an evaluation of 4.3 stars out of five. Read all the purchase conditions well before making it completely.

Phone House

The well-known phone and mobile accessories store also has a section of reconditioned mobiles to get high and medium ranges at a good price. The store offers a 1-year warranty on second-hand equipment and a thirty-day period for the return of the same. In this store, for example, we can buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for 300 euros (50 euros less than in stores like Amazon) or a 256 GB iPhone Xs Max for 900 euros, when it is new at Amazon for 1,270 euros.

phone house


Also in the Fnac online store we can get reconditioned mobile phones at a good price with guarantee and national shipping. We have, for example, a Huawei P Smart Z at a price of 175 euros, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for 140 euros or an Oppo Reno with 256 GB of internal storage at a price of 275 euros. These three are, without a doubt, the most attractive of those they sell, although you can enter the page yourself to see them all.

The English Court

And we finish the round with the well-known department stores of El Corte Inglés where, in its section of reconditioned mobiles, we can find the Samsung Galaxy A9 for 405 euros (in Amazon they sell it new for 570 euros), the Samsung Galaxy A70 for 300 euros and a Huawei Mate 20 Lite almost brand new for 197 euros.