Canon EOS 2000D, full test with features and price

Canon EOS 2000D, we have tested it

Your Expert RecommendedCanon renewed a few months ago the catalog of SLR cameras for beginners. Within this range, the Canon EOS 2000D is the top model, with the Canon EOS 4000D remaining as the entry model. The Canon EOS 2000D is a simple camera, without much pretense . It seeks to seduce users who want to go a step beyond compact, but without complicating. And, let it be said, without spending a fortune. One of those cameras that attracts anyone looking to get started in SLR photography.

It is equipped with a new 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor . It has the DIGIC 4+ processor and a 9-point autofocus system. It is capable of recording video in Full HD resolution. And it is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. All this at a price of 530 euros, EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens included. I have had the opportunity to try it for a few days and I will tell you what I think.

Canon EOS 2000D datasheet

Sensor24.1 megapixel CMOS
Image processorDIGIC 4+
objectiveEF / EF-S
Focus9-point AF (cross points in the center)
ISO sensitivityISO 6400
Continuous shooting3 fps
ViewfinderPentamirror, 95% Coverage
screen3 inches with 920,000 pixel resolution
VideoFull HD at 30fps
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, Mini HDMI Out (Type C), Computer USB
BatteryLP-E10, Autonomy of 500 shots
StorageSD, SDHC or SDXC cards
Price€ 530 (EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens included)

Design and handling

The Canon EOS 2000D follows the same design as the vast majority of the company's SLR cameras. We have a hard plastic body , which makes the camera quite light. Its dimensions are 129 x 101.3 x 77.6 millimeters, with a weight of 475 grams (body only).

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D grip

In the area of ​​the grip it has the usual rough finish, which is repeated at the back, where we rest the big toe. This arrangement, once again, allows a good grip on the machine .

The upper left area does not have any buttons. On the other side we have all the camera controls. The main one, of course, is the mode wheel. At its base we find a small "switch" to turn the camera on and off.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D buttons

If we continue forward we have a small button to activate the flash, the only camera control wheel and the shutter button.

The rear is dominated by the 3-inch screen. To your right is the typical crosshead with some options (the wheel is left for the high-end models). We also have buttons for exposure compensation, menu, display and photo display. In addition to the Q button to configure the shooting parameters, especially important in this model.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D rear

Next to the viewer we have a button marked in red that will allow us to switch to Live View mode . This model does not have a dedicated button to start video recording.

The display is simple. It is not tactile . It has a size of 3 inches and it is fixed , we cannot remove it to place it at the angle we want. This greatly limits (if not almost impossible) the use of the Canon EOS 2000D as a YouTubers camera.

Screen and viewfinder

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D screen

It has a resolution of 920,000 pixels , which is below other higher-end models. It offers a seven-level brightness adjustment and 100% coverage in Live View mode. It does not offer the guidance system that we did see in, for example, the Canon EOS 200D. A shame, because it was very useful for beginners.

The viewfinder is of the pentamirror type. It has a 95% coverage and a diopter correction of between -2.5 and +0.5 m-1 diopters.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D viewfinder

Although the camera is comfortable, I have missed a greater number of controls . Maybe it's because I'm used to higher-end models and shooting in manual. But I really miss a second wheel, as setting various parameters when shooting in manual becomes quite tedious.

In manual mode, to change between speed and opening we must press the Q button to modify the opening . A button that is not accessible at all if we have our eye on the viewfinder.

It is also true that the Canon EOS 2000D is a camera intended for an inexperienced audience. An audience that, generally, will not use the fully manual mode . If we use one of the semi-automatic modes, the handling of the camera is simpler and more natural.

Focus and shoot

The Canon EOS 2000D is not equipped with Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF focusing system. It has a much more modest focus system, with only 9 points grouped in the center . This will force us to use the reframing technique if we want to focus on elements located on the sides.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D lens

Being a reflex camera, we can use any EF / EF-S lens . This means that we have a large selection of lenses at our disposal. Of course, the higher the objective, the higher quality our photos will have.

Canon has decided to keep the DIGIC 4+ processor that we found in the Canon EOS 1300D. It is an old processor, but that may be sufficient for the most basic range.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D photo seagull

Proof of this is its burst shot, with a maximum of 3 fps . Furthermore, focusing via Live View is somewhat slow , being severely limited by the absence of a touch screen.

Picture quality

Although the image processor is the same as the cameras of a few years ago, we do have an improvement in the sensor. The Canon EOS 2000D has a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor , compared to 18 megapixels of what we could consider its predecessor.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D photo boat

The image quality, in general, is quite good . In good light or low contrast conditions you will achieve very good results.

When the scene becomes a bit complicated, its shortcomings begin to be noticed. The dynamic range reached by the camera is not very wide , although this can be fixed in the post processor. For this reason it is convenient to make sure that we are shooting in RAW mode.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D dynamic range

In low light the Canon EOS 2000D suffers a lot. We must bear in mind that it offers a maximum ISO of 6400 . A maximum ISO that, in addition, if we decide to use it, will put noise in the image.

I have tested the camera with the kit lenses, 18-55 and 18-135mm. This problem will be less if we use a brighter lens, but we must take it into account.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D dog

However, we return to the same as before. It is a camera aimed at a beginning audience. An audience looking to buy their first SLR camera and practice. Taking this into account, the photographic quality of the sensor is quite high . In good conditions we will get sharp photos, with a balanced white balance and good color reproduction.

Photo gallery taken with the Canon EOS 2000D

Lastly, the Canon EOS 2000D is capable of recording video in 1080p resolution at 30 fps . Thus, the Full HD video at 60 fps that we do have in higher models is left out.

Good connectivity and autonomy

Despite being one of Canon's most affordable SLR models, the EOS 2000D features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with NFC .

Like its older brothers, we can connect it to the mobile using the Canon Camera Connect application , available for both Android and iPhone.

With this application we can review the images that we have in the camera and download them directly to the smartphone . Perfect for those trips in which we want to quickly share photos on our social networks.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D app

We can also use the mobile as a remote trigger with direct vision . From the mobile we can configure the most common parameters, such as ISO, speed or aperture. Also others such as the white balance or the focus system. In short, practically any parameter that we can configure in the camera.

As for the battery, the manufacturer marks a range of 500 shots . During the test I have used it for my photoshoots and I have not had to charge the battery even once.

Conclusions and price

The Canon EOS 2000D is a basic camera, ideal for those who want to start in the world of photography beyond the smartphone . It performs well in the right conditions, but is very fair when the scene gets a bit complicated.

we have tested Canon EOS 2000D final

It has an easy handling , although incomplete when we look for something else. For this reason, I reiterate that it is a camera for beginners. With this in mind, I have missed the assistance system that I have seen in other models. It is true that this camera has a brief explanation of the functions within the menu, but it is not as good as that of other more expensive models.

And this is precisely one of its key characteristics: the price. The Canon EOS 2000D is priced at 530 euros , with the EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens included. Thus, it becomes an affordable camera, with a lower price than some high-end compact on the market.