How to connect iPhone or iPad wirelessly to LG TV

How to connect iPhone or iPad wirelessly to LG TV

Just a few days ago LG announced the availability of AirPlay on some of its latest models. Thanks to this new feature, the 2019 LG TVs and the new 2020 range with integrated Smart TV became compatible with Apple's content transmission system . Thus, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac users with an LG TV could, with a few simple steps, project all kinds of content on the TV without using cables.

There is no doubt that it is a key function for those users who have opted for a mobile or a tablet from the apple company and want to stay connected with all the devices in the house, including the LG television. But what steps do you have to follow to use AirPlay on an LG TV? This is precisely what we are going to tell you. We will also go over which models are compatible with this new feature. So you can't miss it.

How to connect our iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac to the LG TV

Although the number of people who have an iPhone in Spain is not very large, if you combine it with those who have an iPad, an iPod or even a Mac, the percentage goes up a lot, which gives us an idea of ​​the importance of incorporating a technology like Airplay on LG TVs .

If you have an Apple device, you probably already know what AirPlay is, but it doesn't hurt to remember it. AirPlay is a system that allows us to play videos, photos, songs and other content from our Apple devices on an Apple TV, a compatible speaker and now on LG smart TVs.

How to do it? It's really simple, you just have to follow these steps :

  • Connect your iOS device to the same WI-FI network as your LG Smart TV.
  • Find the video or content that you want to stream to your TV via AirPlay.
  • Once found, go to the options panel and choose "Duplicate screen" choosing your LG Smart TV.
  • If what you want to share is a photo, you can also do it from the device's Photos application. You just have to click on Share and then select Airplay.
  • And if you are doing it from a Mac, it is just as simple. You will have to go to the upper bar of options and there you will find the Airplay option to be able to project the content on the LG TV.
  • Whatever you do, you must bear in mind that when you click on Airplay, a code will appear with which you will have to pair your iOS device and your LG TV.

As you have seen, enjoying the content of our Apple device on an LG television is very easy.

Which LG TVs are AirPlay compatible?

how to connect iPhone or iPad wirelessly to LG C9 TV

At the beginning we mentioned that the LG TVs of 2019 and the new range of 2020 with integrated Smart TV are compatible with Apple AirPlay. However, not all last year's models have this feature.

Currently and are compatible with AirPlay LG OLED 2019 models . This includes everything from the cheapest equipment, such as the LG OLED B9 and LG OLED C9, to the top of the range. If you have an OLED TV, or want to buy one, you already know that one of its main advantages is in its ability to reproduce pure blacks (the pixels on the screen that are not used are turned off, while in LED televisions there is always some brightness).

But OLED models are not the only ones with this new feature. Also included are LG NanoCell TVs from the SM83, SM85 and SM9 series . This includes models such as the LG 65SM9800PLA, the top of the range in the 2019 NanoCell series. NanoCell televisions use LED technology and achieve good image quality thanks to the use of nanoparticles and the Full Array Dimming lighting system. In addition, they have both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

how to connect iPhone or iPad wirelessly to LG UM7450 TV

And so that there are many users who can enjoy the AirPlay system, LG has included this new feature also in the 4K UHD TVs of the 7 series or later . In this range we have, for example, the LG UM7450, a TV with an IPS panel, 4K resolution, quad-core processor, 4K Active HDR and webOS 4.5 operating system. A model that we can find in multiple diagonals: from 43 to 70 inches.

In short, many of the models that include the webOS 4.5 operating system are AirPlay compatible. And it is that the LG Smart TV system offers a multitude of possibilities . It is a simple system to use thanks to the pointer of the command, in addition to having a powerful AI system capable of answering our questions.

With just our voice we can ask our LG TV any questions we have, without the need for external devices. From how long it will take to get to the airport until what movie we can see. All this thanks to the ThinQ system included in the LG operating system.

And, of course, it will also allow us to control other compatible smart devices. We can even use the most popular assistants.