LG G7 Fit, analysis with characteristics, price and opinion

LG G7 Fit, we've tested it

The LG G7 has a little brother. The LG G7 Fit is a scaled-down version of one of LG's flagships for this year . It sports a design practically identical to that of its older brother, a high-resolution and bright screen, although it has a single main camera and a somewhat more limited technical set. And, of course, it is also considerably cheaper.

It is equipped with a 6.1-inch screen with a QHD + resolution. Under the hood hides a high-end chipset. It has been cropped in storage and in the photographic section. The double rear camera disappears to settle for a single sensor system. The LG G7 Fit arrives in Spain with an official price of 399 euros. I have had the opportunity to test it thoroughly for a few days and I will tell you my experience .

Data sheet LG G7 Fit

screen6.1 inches, 3.120 x 1.440 pixel QHD + resolution, 1000 nits brightness, 100% DCI-P3, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio
Main chamber16 MP single sensor, f / 2.2 aperture, PDAF autofocus, 4K video at 30fps, AI CAM
Camera for selfies8 MP wide angle (80º), f / 1.9
Internal memory64GB: 32GB (+32GB on a free microSD card)
ExtensionMicro SD up to 2TB
Processor and RAMQualcomm Snapdragon 821 (Quad-Core up to 2.35 GHz), 4 GB RAM
Battery3,000 mAh, Quick Charge 3.0 fast charge
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo
Connections4G LTE, WiFi 802.11ac, NFC, BT 4.2, USB Type C
DesignMetal and glass, colors: black, IP68 certified, Military resistance certification MIL-STD 810G
Dimensions153.2 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm, 158 grams
Featured FeaturesLG ThinQ

Fingerprint reader on the back

Facial recognition

Boombox Speaker

DTS-X 3D sound

Hi-Fi Quad DAC 32 bit sound

Release dateAvailable
PriceBetween 350 and 400 euros

Almost identical to his older brother

we have tested LG G7 Fit rear

LG has wanted to bring the premium design of the G7 to the mid-range. The LG G7 Fit is practically identical to its older brother. And I say practically because, when holding both terminals in my hand, I have noticed that this new model is not finished as round as the LG G7 . Especially at the edges, where the rear glass meets the metal frames. At least in the test unit that they have sent me there is a slight “jump” when swiping. It is almost imperceptible if you do not have the other terminal next to it.

we have tested LG G7 Fit rear close

Everything else is exactly the same. We have a 3D glass back with slightly curved edges . It is a glossy finish that, at least for now, is only available in black.

The main camera is positioned in the center of the back and has a black background. Just below we have the fingerprint reader, slightly sunk as we already saw in the G7. The reader works perfectly , recognizing the fingerprint quickly and without errors.

we have tested LG G7 Fit frame

On the right side (looking at the terminal from the front) we have the power button. On the opposite side the volume buttons. The button for the wizard that included his older brother has been removed. The SIM tray is located at the top and at the bottom we have the USB Type-C connector and the headphone jack. At the moment LG does not seem to want to abandon the 3.5 mm jack . And it is not surprising because, as we will see later, sound is one of the strengths of its terminals.

In addition, the LG G7 Fit maintains the resistance of its older brother. It is IP68 certified , making it resistant to water and dust. And it even has military endurance certification (MIL-STD-810G), which shows that it has been able to pass several very tough endurance tests.

Super bright display

we have tested LG G7 Fit screen

On the front we have a large screen. In fact, it is, if not the same, practically identical to the top-of-the-range model. That is, we are looking at a 6.1-inch panel with a Quad HD + resolution of 3,120 x 1,440 pixels and a 19.5: 9 format . The screen is excellent, both in its tactile response and in display. Color reproduction, contrast, and viewing angles are more than correct.

And I'm not forgetting the brightness, since the LG G7 Fit is capable of reaching up to 1,000 nits . It is a very high figure for a mobile terminal, only achievable by some televisions until a couple of years ago. The automatic brightness system works quite well, although it tends to lower it excessively in dark environments.

According to the manufacturer, the LG G7 Fit is the only one with RGBW technology . This adds a white sub-pixel on the screen, thus achieving twice the brightness and color. Plus, it reduces battery consumption by 35% without sacrificing brightness.

we have tested LG G7 Fit display options

Besides having a good panel, LG always takes care of the options available for the screen . Entering Settings we can change from the resolution to the color of the screen. Regarding the latter, we have six predefined modes, as well as the possibility of modifying the color temperature and even the RGB levels to our liking.

we have tested LG G7 Fit notch and always on

We also have the Always-On screen available , which offers us information when the terminal is locked. As well as the possibility of configuring the area of ​​the notch (LG calls it second screen). We can leave the notch visible, to make it disappear by putting a custom color. Although, honestly, if what we want is not to see putting a color other than black, it does not make much sense.

Boombox Speaker

Another of the star characteristics of the LG G7 that has been preserved in this model has to do with the sound section. The LG G7 Fit is equipped with the Boombox speaker . This consists of using the space inside the terminal as a soundboard to create clearer highs and amplify the bass. Thus, when we have the mobile resting on a rigid surface, the vibration is transmitted to the surface, amplifying the sound power.

we have tested LG G7 Fit speaker

And believe me if I tell you that it works really well. When we have the mobile in hand, you hardly notice anything. It has a good sound, but similar to other models. It is when we put it on the table that the Boombox speaker does its magic . The power of the sound multiplies, becoming almost like a small Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks to this system, a powerful sound is achieved , with strong bass . If we put our hand near the terminal when it has a high volume, we can notice the vibration of the speaker. Although yes, I would say that it has a little less power than its older brother.

we have tested LG G7 Fit sound options

The sound is also very careful when we decide to use headphones. The LG G7 Fit is equipped with a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC and DTS-X certified . Both systems can be enabled by connecting headphones.

Each of these systems offers multiple configurations. For example, if we activate the use of the DAC, the software allows us to choose the sound preselection, the type of digital filter and even the balance. Are these systems noticeable in real use? It depends a lot on the headphones. With those who carry the mobile the difference is not too appreciable. However, I connected it with higher quality headphones that I had at home and if it improved the sound a lot compared to other terminals.

Single sensor camera

we have tested LG G7 Fit rear camera

Until now all the characteristics have been very similar to those of his older brother. However, to get a lower price, concessions must be made. Where? Both in the photographic section and on a technical level.

The LG G7 Fit has a single sensor rear camera. This offers a resolution of 16 megapixels and has an aperture f / 2.2 . It has a PDAF focus system and is capable of recording video with 4K resolution . How it behaves? Now we will analyze the results.

Very complete camera application

But first, I would like to tell you about the Camera application. The truth is that it is practically identical to the LG G7, with minor exceptions.

we have tested LG G7 Fit camera app

Holding the mobile horizontally, we have both the photo and video trigger on the right side. Also the button to access the Gallery and a drop-down to be able to share the photos on social networks quickly .

Right next to it we see two buttons: AI CAM and QLens . The first is to activate and deactivate the artificial intelligence system. And the second is to use Google Lens.

we have tested LG G7 Fit camera modes

On the left side we have the direct access to the flash, the button to switch between the cameras, the access to the filters, the Modes button and the Settings button. Regarding the modes, we have 7 different modes available: Automatic, Manual, Food, Fast motion, Panoramic, Slow motion and Flash Jump-Cut .

we have tested LG G7 Fit manual mode

Manual mode is quite comprehensive. It allows us to modify the white balance, compensate the exposure, change the ISO and also the shutter speed. We can even focus manually with the help, if we want, of the Focus peaking system . I also loved that I show an electronic level on the screen.

we have tested LG G7 Fit camera settings

As for the settings, we have the usual. I did not like that to activate or deactivate the HDR mode we have to enter Settings . For the rest, I could highlight the "Voice shot" or the possibility of adding a personalized signature to the photo.

Picture quality

we have tested LG G7 Fit science

The image quality that the main camera achieves, in good light, is quite good. We have vivid colors and sharp images.

we have tested LG G7 Fit museum

Macro mode works quite well too, with nice blur and lots of detail. The artificial intelligence system, as usual, tends to over-saturate colors. In some situations it can give it an interesting touch, but most of the time we will see unrealistic colors.

If we want to highlight the clouds or the light and shadow areas, we can use both HDR and AI. HDR achieves a much more subtle effect than artificial intelligence. In my opinion, more realistic and beautiful.

we have tested LG G7 Fit HDR clouds

HDR photo

we have tested LG G7 Fit AI clouds

Same photo with AI

When night falls, the LG G7 Fit holds up quite well. It does not reach the quality of the top terminals, but we will not have too many problems in getting good shots in low light.

we have tested LG G7 Fit boatman

In short, we have a fairly decisive camera. It works well in almost any condition, as long as we have a bit of point-and-shoot patience, as the focus is somewhat slow. But otherwise I have achieved good results.

Same front camera as his older brother

Ahead, however, the LG G7 Fit does have the same camera as the top-of-the-range model. It is equipped with an  8 megapixel 80˚ wide angle sensor . In addition, it has an  aperture f / 1.9 , so it is much brighter than the main camera.

we have tested LG G7 Fit normal photo front camera

Photo mode Auto with front camera

We have the Portrait mode and the usual beauty settings available. The result of the photographs is good, especially when the lighting conditions are favorable.

As for video, we can record up to 4K resolution with the main camera. However, we do not have all the creative modes available on the LG G7 .

Gallery of photos taken with the LG G7 Fit

A safe bet on the processor

The truth is that the LG G7 Fit uses a chip from two years ago that works quite well. Specifically, it is the Snapdragon 821 , a processor with four cores that works at a speed of up to 2.35 GHz. To give you an idea, it is the processor that the LG G6 had.

Although it is a risky decision on the part of LG, the truth is that the terminal offers great performance . I have been able to work with several apps open at the same time without any lag. I have also played games with high graphic content without any problem, without downtime and with a relatively fast load.

we have tested LG G7 Fit game

Its 4 GB of RAM memory will surely help , although it is not a particularly high figure either. LG has decided to include an internal memory of 32 GB plus a gift microSD card of 32 GB. In total, 64 GB base. In addition, we have the Micro SD card slot available to get up to the extra 2 TB of space.

Of course, in the performance tests it obtains much lower results than the top processors of this year. Here are the results:

we have tested LG G7 Fit performance test

And here you have a small comparison with the AnTuTu result obtained by other similarly priced terminals that we have analyzed:

Comparison AnTuTu LG G7 Fit


As you can see, the LG G7 Fit is more powerful than almost all current models of similar price. As we say many times, performance tests allow us to make comparisons, but the important thing is that the mobile works correctly.

Acceptable autonomy

The LG G7 Fit is equipped with a 3,000 milliamp battery . It is a fair capacity for a mobile with a screen larger than 6 inches and relatively powerful hardware.

With normal use it can reach the end of the day Let us understand normal use as a little navigation, some music, some very sporadic games, a few photos and the review of social networks several times a day.

When I have had a day of many photos, constant Internet connections or, in general, greater use of the mobile, it is necessary to connect the charger for a while in the afternoon to be able to reach the night.

we have tested LG G7 Fit USBC

This is not a problem since the LG G7 Fit is equipped with the Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging system . This will allow us to charge the full battery from 0 in less than two hours.

Conclusions and price

The LG G7 is an interesting terminal. It has a nice design , practically identical to the top model of the company, which I liked a lot.

The screen is really good , with a lot of resolution and a spectacular maximum brightness. In addition, for foodies, it offers many configuration options. The same happens with sound, a section very worked on by LG.

As for the camera, of course, it does not offer the same performance as its older brother's dual-lens system.

we have tested LG G7 Fit final

If we talk about the technical section, it is fair to point out that the processor is two years old . It is true that, as we have spoken, it is not noticeable in the current performance.

And one of the weakest points of this terminal , as it will happen to the LG G7, is its battery . The 3,000 milliamps can be somewhat short when you want to give intensive use to the mobile. If you have a busy day, with many hours away from home, you better take the charger. For normal use, however, the autonomy of the terminal is sufficient.