A new scam with free Vueling tickets on WhatsApp

scam whatsapp

If you have received a message like this , do not think that it is your lucky day, you could be the victim of a scam . A message that reads “2 free Vueling tickets . They are celebrating their anniversary and there is a limited quantity. I already have it ”, along with a photo of two juicy plane tickets complete the farce. Do not worry, it is not a virus, if any of you have clicked on the mypromo.co link, it will not download any Trojans or malware . The scam is different. When clicking, the link takes us to a page of our browser   that pretends to be from Vueling . In it we find a survey to be able, supposedly, to receive thosetwo free tickets . This is the page:

mypromo.co scam

When entering the survey, you will be asked four questions regarding your travel habits  with airlines, to pretend that it is a corporate offer . According to the text, there would be 150 tickets available and the user would choose two, only answering those four questions. After overcoming the questions "Are you a regular Vueling customer ?", How often do you travel? "," Have you ever used a Vueling coupon ? " or "What are your main travel purposes ?", the application appears to be processing the data and in a few seconds a last menu appearsin which we are informed that (surprisingly), we have won both tickets .

whatsapp scam

Warning : if for whatever reason you are following  these steps at the same time as us, from here on you should not continue . The page asks that in order to get the tickets you have to forward the offer to 10 friends or three WhatsApp groups , and after that, you must click Continua. With a second hand to hurry, if you follow these steps you will be giving your phone number to be part of a paid promotional SMS service , that is , you pay when you receive them . In addition, by inviting 10 friends you will be perpetuating the scam , this is how we found it and how these scams are madeviral .

The internet scams are some of the most common , and here we try to unmask all we can so that these companies do not come to fruition , but the truth is that almost every week we find a new one . WhatsApp has become a perfect ecosystem for this type of setup, since its expansion capacity is enormous, and on top of that it does not even cost money, as it happens with SMS . Coupons discount of Mercadona or Carrefour , links that allow you to access video calls WhatsAppor extra emoticons ... anything goes in order to attract the user's attention and make it itch, and also, doing the free job of sharing the supposed offer . From here we always recommend absolute caution and use of common sense: offers exist, but nobody gives anything away so easily. And if they do, they don't require your email or your phone for it. That is always the signal to quit . We hope that with this article we have prevented any confusion that could have turned into an unpleasant surprise when receiving the phone bill..