The best memes that Rajoy has left during his presidency of the Popular Party

The best memes that Rajoy has left during his presidency of the Popular Party

Mariano Rajoy has just left the presidency of the Popular Party, after being dismissed from the presidency of the government. This time without plasma, he has announced in front of the National Executive Committee of his party that he is leaving his post, something that will be the best for the party, for Spain and for himself, as he has confessed during his speech.

If we alluded to plasma in the previous session, it was not for free, but as a prelude to what awaits us next in this special. We are going to gather, in the same space, some of the most delusional situations in which Mariano Rajoy has been involved in his years of government, as well as some of the funniest memes that have been made.

The neighbors and the mayor

Without a doubt, one of the great moments that Mariano Rajoy has left us. It happened in a speech in Benavente, Zamora, when he tried to explain the mechanisms of democracy to the public present there.

Rajoy and public interventions

Much ridicule has been made about the public interventions of Mariano Rajoy during his presidency. In this meme, we can see how he pleads, please, to leave, that he is having a really bad time.

rajoy meme 02

Mariano Rajoy's press conferences are well known… through a plasma screen . Obviously, the networks were flooded with memes about it. In this we see it as a kind of cyborg in the debate at 4 of the last elections.

rajoy meme 03

Here, plasma occupies its ex-post in the Congress of Deputies .

rajoy meme 3

Rajoy and corruption

The cases of corruption that have ended up removing Rajoy from the presidency of the Government have obviously not been alien to the world of the meme. In this one we see, one of the most popular , we can see how a neighbor asks the president to steal from him directly.

The best memes that Rajoy has left during his presidency of the Popular Party 1

And this is the face that was left many times when asked about corruption or about the Catalan question .

rajoy meme 05

Machines manufacturing machines

Another of the pearls that Mariano Rajoy has left us after these years of presidency he released it in an act starring entrepreneurial women. Let's remember it.

The last weeks of Rajoy

These last times have been turbulent for the figure of M. Rajoy. If their budgets are approved and the position is 'secured' until the next elections, to return to their residence in Aravaca. During the motion, there were those who reproached him for not having been present in the afternoon session while he spent the hours in a nearby bar.

- Proscojoncio (@Proscojoncio) May 31, 2018

Rajoy remained locked up for 8 hours with people he trusted in the restaurant, which caused the outrage of the population. Indignation that, of course, some took it with a great sense of humor .

- Something will have opened ...

- No, Mariano, go home.

- An Andalú Vampire (@transilvaniano) May 31, 2018

Rajoy returns to the strike?

And now what will happen to the future of Mariano Rajoy? Will it swell the lists of the unemployed or take the course of a revolving door? Who knows ... In case it's the latter, at least we have this fun montage.

rajoy meme 06