Traffic Ticket, how to identify the driver of the vehicle online


When a vehicle commits an offense , the first thing the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) does is ask for the driver's identification , especially when the complaint has been made through a photo when the car passed in front of a radar. The fact is that at that time, if the owner of the vehicle (which is to be included as first fined) was not who was carrying the car , have a time period in which will identify the driver of the vehicle for which the penalty is executed on the real deceased.

In this way, the vehicle owner will avoid card withdrawals, points and having to pay the fine of the person who actually committed the offense. With the new Traffic Law , drivers can carry out some paperwork ( how to pay fines ) over the Internet. Next, we explain how to identify the driver of the vehicle through the DGT website .

1) Access the DGT electronic headquarters . Within the area 'Any fines?' , click on the 'More Info' button .


2) Now click on the link 'Driver identification online'. You will automatically access another page and you will have to press 'Internet driver identification' again .


3) Given the step, it will be easier for you to identify yourself. No need for a digital certificate or electronic ID , although you can use the digital certificate if you wish. Click on option a) . Now you will leave the site and you will have to install a certificate that certifies the site as 'Secure' , clicking on the download of the certificate and following the installation instructions.


4) You will access a small form in which you will have to enter the identity document, the document number, the file number and the notification code. Click on connect and follow the rest of the steps to enter the data of the real driver . You will have resolved a procedure without leaving home.


Photo by: ollesvensson