The ten funniest memes to congratulate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is already around the corner. A date on the calendar for romantics , as long as they have a partner. Whether you believe in the power of this celebration or consider it an invention of the shopping centers, Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse (like any other) to remind the people that you want you to be there and that they are important to you. And why not, an excellent moment to start a smile in your loved ones. We have put together ten funny memes for you to send to your contacts on WhatsApp or upload them to your Facebook profile . Happy Valentines Day!

And we couldn't start any other way. Julio Iglesias, the champion of love (and father of a large percentage of the Spanish population, according to gossip) reminds your partner that he has a pending date on Valentine's night.

Julio Iglesias Valentine Meme

Nor could it miss a wink at the return of one of the most iconic series on television. X-Files (X-Files) returns wanting to discover the secrets after the celebration of Valentine's Day.

Meme X Files San Valentin

Within any celebration of love worth its salt, a little spice could not be missing to spice up the evening.

spicy meme etoo valentine

Of course, when Valentine's Day arrives, it is normal that our expectations of what is going to happen on this day are a bit above reality , something that the following meme reminds us.

meme whatsapp valentine

If we have talked about X-Files, we could not miss the return of the science fiction saga with more followers throughout the world. The new Star Wars movie has become a true love-hate relationship with fans of the George Lucas universe, generating very mixed reactions. Some adore her, others hate her. But in the meantime, we make a small tribute to one of the most traditional characters in the history of cinema.

Meme Han solo whatsapp

We love animals, both domestic and wild. There is a tenderness and an innate "majerío" in many of them that always works on dates like Valentine's Day. A little sympathy!

Valentine horse meme

romantic cat meme

Yes. Sunday is Valentine's Day. But it is also Sunday, and there is a soccer league… This meme is dedicated to all those soccer fans who will keep an eye on Sunday's games.

Valentine soccer meme

They say there is a soul mate out there for all of us. But if you have not found it yet, at least the consolation that there is at least one heart for each person will remain . A hilarious parody of a great Coca-Cola ad that he lectured years ago.

meme whatsapp valentine

We close the review of these funny memes to congratulate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp with one of the toughest guys in today's cinema. Liam Neeson left us all shaking with excitement after his spectacular role in the movie Vengeance . When this boy wants something, there is no one to stop him . Happy Valentines!

liam neeson valentine meme whatsapp

And if you prefer text messages congratulations, here are 5 funny Valentine's greetings on WhatsApp