5 tricks to schedule Windows 10 shutdown

5 tricks to schedule Windows 10 shutdown

Programming the automatic shutdown of Windows 10 can be very useful, if you have to leave home and need to leave the computer on to complete some type of task. We explain 5 very simple tricks that you can use to schedule the automatic shutdown of your Windows 10 computer.

Automatic shutdown via Windows 10 Run

Execute is one of the most useful tools that are included in the different Microsoft operating systems, including of course the latest Windows 10. With this first trick, we will use this great tool to program the automatic shutdown of our computer.

You can access the Windows 10 run tool in a very simple way from the Start menu .

Automatic shutdown via Run

Once the tool has been opened, you just have to enter the command that we leave you below, replacing the square bracket with the time expressed in seconds you want the computer to turn off.

shutdown –s –t [time in seconds]

After that, press the ENTER key and the command will be executed immediately.

Automatic shutdown via Run 2

Let's take an example. If you enter the command shutdown –s –t 240, your computer will automatically shut down after 4 minutes. To calculate the time you should set, you just have to multiply the number of minutes by the 60 seconds, which each minute contains.

Using the CMD command console

You can also enter the above command using the CMD command window that comes with Windows 10. The CMD command window is also fully accessible from the operating system's start menu.

Using the CMD command console

Its operation is exactly the same as in the previous point, once you have entered the command, the countdown to the automatic shutdown of your computer will begin.

Using the CMD 2 command console

Using a shortcut

We know it can be impractical to have to enter the previously used command every time you want to schedule Windows 10 automatic shutdown. Fortunately, we can create a shortcut to run this command with just two mouse clicks.

Using a shortcut 1

To create a shortcut, you just have to right-click anywhere on the Windows 10 desktop. During the shortcut creation process, it will ask you for the name and path you want to set.

You can give it any name you want, the important thing is that in the executable path you establish the same command that we have used previously.

Using a shortcut 2

When you've finished creating the shortcut, you can customize the icon to make it easier to identify.

Using a shortcut 3

RTG Ninja Shutdown

RTG Ninja Shutdown is a very simple and totally free program that we can use to schedule not only the shutdown of Windows 10, but you can also make it restart, or even automatically close the session.

Once you open the program, you will see a fairly simple interface in which you will have to enter the time you want to remove Windows 10 from shutting down, restarting, or closing the session.

RTG Ninja Shutdown

Simple Shutdown Timer

Simple Shutdown Timer is a free tool that we propose to program the shutdown of a Windows 10 computer. Its operation is exactly the same as RTG Ninja Shutdown . Once the program has been opened, you must enter the exact time you want it to take to perform the action.

Simple Shutdown Timer

The main advantage of this program is that it offers some additional options, such as the possibility of making the computer hibernate, or go to sleep.

It's that simple to schedule the automatic shutdown of a Windows 10 computer, we hope you find it very useful. You can leave a comment if you have any questions.