Move Mirror, this is Google's new smart dance game

Move Mirror, this is Google's new smart dance game

Google has launched a new experiment focused on the use of artificial intelligence. It is about Move Mirror, a system that compares our posture with different images from the Internet that simulate our movements to create a kind of fun mirror. Specifically, it uses 80,000 different photos to choose the most appropriate according to our poses.

Those users who want to have fun with this experiment will only need a computer with a connected webcam. Once with everything activated, they will only have to move in front of the camera. Move Mirror will show the photos in real time with people making similar movements. The company has communicated that to carry out this experiment they have used PoseNet, a model capable of detecting human figures in images and videos thanks to the identification of the most important joints in the human body.

Google Move Mirror

To find a similar image, the experiment uses your "pose information," that is, the location of 17 different parts of the body, including the shoulders, ankles, and hips. As they have commented from Google, no individual characteristics are taken into account, such as sex, height or body type. In any case, that the system can do all this in real time is something very positive , especially since instead of entrusting everything to an external server, most of the work is done by the browser using Javascript.

This means that all the images that we record in this way with our webcam will not leave our computer if we want to. Therefore, privacy is guaranteed as long as our computer follows the relevant security regulations. In the event that we want to share the result with our contacts there will be no problem, since Google has created a tool to generate GIFs. You already know that if you dare to try it, you just have to enter the experiment website, activate the webcam on your computer and start moving.