6 common Netflix problems and how to fix them

6 common Netflix problems and how to fix themThere are times when things don't work out the way they should. And, most of the time, they can be fixed. Netflix is ​​a service that works very well. But, sometimes, we can have certain problems that annoy us when watching this or that series or film. We have tried to gloss the most common Netflix problems and how to solve them in six sections .

Why is the image pixelated?

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that we are not getting the bandwidth required by Netflix to be able to watch series and movies in Full HD. First, although it seems a bit absurd, you have to take into account your type of subscription. The basic one does not support Full HD. If you have the option of high quality content, try taking a speed test. According to Netflix itself, to watch content in Full HD you must have a minimum 5MB download connection. 

movistar and netflix

Try turning the router on and off if you see that your contracted speed is greater than 5BM and, even so, it does not reach you. If you are still having problems and your test speed is higher, we ask you a question. Are you from Movistar?

If the answer is "Yes", we regret to tell you that the fiber service of Movistar and Netflix are incompatible. Whatever you do, you will still have the pixelated image. The most practical solution is the following:

  • Select the series or movie you want to see on your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Send the content to the television using Chromecast, Android TV or an application to mirror the mobile screen on the TV.

Until they fix the problem between them, this is the easiest way to play content in Full HD if you are a Movistar customer , without changing the router's VPN.

playback settings

You can also force the content to always play in high quality if you have a high bandwidth. To do this, you just have to go to Your account> my profile> playback settings , as seen in the upper screenshot. Here we select ”Alta”.

I can't download movies to my mobile

If it has happened to you that you have wanted to download a movie or series on your mobile and you have not been able to, it may be for one of these reasons:

My phone is rooted: if you have made system modifications, it is very likely that Netflix will not allow you to download content to watch without Internet. Return your phone to normal with some unrooting tutorial that you can easily find on the web.

If your phone is not rooted: check that you have the latest version of Netflix. If so, check that you have enough space on your phone. You can free up space by deleting photos that you already have saved or by clearing the cache of applications in settings> device> storage> Cache.

clear storage netflix app

Android error 12001

If you have ever opened the Netflix app on Android and this error has appeared on your terminal, we have the solution. You just have to restart it and, if the problem persists, delete the application data. To do this, go to the Settings menu > personal> applications> Netflix> storage> clear data and cache . Be careful, this makes all the downloads disappear from your terminal.

If the error still persists, you will have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall it. At least it's free!

Too many devices?

The majority of Netflix users share our account. We can do it with up to 3 more people. And that, without counting the typical 'leave me your password, I want to see a little something, a moment'. If you have ever received the following message "your Netflix account is in use on another device, please stop the playback to continue" , it is because you do not have a contracted plan that allows more than one screen.

my netflix activity

Here the solution is simple: either you hire a plan that allows you to display simultaneity, or you can keep your password safe. To see a history of all the content that has been seen from your account, you just have to go to Your account> my profile> viewing activity . Who knows if it's not someone you don't know ... In that case, change the password immediately.

Black screen on Netflix on my PC

If you have ever tried to play a movie or series on your PC and the only thing that has appeared is a black screen , you should do the following:

  • Clear the browsing history of the browser you are using. This will clear the cache and you will be able to see the content again in a normal and fluid way.
  • Try to view the content from a browser other than the one you are using, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera.

With these two simple procedures you should be able to watch your favorite series or movie without problems

I do not see the subtitles well

How many times have white subtitles coincided with a snow background? Or with black and white movies? Or, simply, your eyes are tired and the size is no longer adequate. You can modify the subtitles whenever you want in your settings menu: size, color, shadow ,,, In your account, in the section "My profile" go to "aspect of the subtitles" . On this screen you can do all of this:

  • Change subtitle font
  • Add drop shadow , emboss, remove shadow, etc.
  • Add a solid color frame to all text to make it stand out more
  • Modify the font size to fit your viewing ability

There are tons of other tricks for Netflix, but these are its most common problems. We hope they have been of help to you and, remember: you can always contact their customer service for free at 900 866 616.