How to import your Spotify playlists to another account

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One of the things that causes the biggest headaches when changing accounts on Spotify or directly switching to another online music service, is how to export all those wonderful playlists that have taken us so much time and love. create. But like everything else, this also has a solution and is much simpler than it seems, which we are going to tell you about in detail in this article.

How to move lists from one Spotify account to another

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is much simpler than it may seem. To begin we log into the account from which we want to export the lists and go to the first list that we want to copy. We click on the three dots located in the upper part next to the name of the list and we click on "copy playlist link". We close the session of this account and open a session with the new account in which we want to transfer the playlists.

How to import your Spotify playlists to another account 1

Now within the new session we go to the search engine located in the upper left part and paste the link of the playlist that we have copied from the other account. We press enter and our list will appear. Click on the first song and then Ctrl + A to select all the songs at the same time. Now we click to the right of the name of the first song and a drop-down menu will appear. From all the options in this menu we will choose "Save to your music" and we will have the entire list copied to our music.


How to transfer lists from Spoify to a homologous service

We have already seen how to move Spotify lists from one account to another, but what happens if we change services? This also has a solution and is the same for all services except Apple Music which goes the other way but we are also going to tell you about it.

To pass the lists to another service we have an online manager called Soundiiz that from its web interface allows us to quickly and easily pass the lists from one provider to another. The services it supports are  Spotify, TIDAL, Youtube, Rdio, qobuz, SoundCloud,, Deezer, Xbox, and Music Napster . To carry out the data transfer we just have to enter the services with our credentials and start the process. It is easy and 100% effective.


How we have been able to verify Apple Music is not within the services that Soundiiz supports but, there is a specific one for it. It's about SongShift and unlike Soundiiz we have to do it on our iPhone . The application is free although if we want to pass too large lists it offers a paid version. The procedure is the same as that we have seen in the previous step: we download the application, open a session with Spotify and Apple Music and choose one by one the lists that we want to move. It is a fast and effective system.