Motorola Pulse Escape, analysis with characteristics, price and opinion

Motorola Pulse Escape, we've tested them

In the headphone market we can find from models that cost a few euros to hundreds of euros. We would all like to be able to buy the high-end models, but unfortunately most budgets are limited. That is why the low-mid range of headphones has, we could say, hundreds of different models. The Motorola Pulse Escape are inexpensive wireless headphones, but they do offer pretty decent sound .

They are equipped with 40mm drivers and feature light sound insulation. They are light and quite comfortable, with an autonomy that can reach 10 hours. In addition, they have an integrated microphone to answer calls. Also with compatibility with Siri and the Google Assistant. All this with a price that does not reach 40 euros. I have had the opportunity to test them for a few days and here I will tell you how they work and what I found .

Motorola Pulse Escape data sheet

TypeClosed, wired Bluetooth earphones
Internal speakers40mm dynamic magnetic neodymium driver
Noise CancellationPassive acoustic insulation
Frequency response20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance32 Ohm
AutonomyUp to 10 hours of playback
ScopeUp to 60 meters
MicrophoneYes, integrated for calls
OthersMultipoint Technology

Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant

accessoriesUSB cable (30 cm), connection cable (1.2 m 3.5 mm jack)
Release dateAvailable
PriceLess than 40 euros

Simple materials for effective design

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape materials

The Motorola Pulse Escape are made of plastic and have a fairly minimalist design. My test unit has been the black one, but they can also be purchased in white and red.

The outer shell sports a matte black color, with a glossy part in the area of ​​the headphones. Actually, the only thing that attracts a little more attention is the large M that appears on the outside of the headphones . This one, in the black model, is a little brighter than the rest of the case.

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape controls

The few controls that include the Motorola Pulse Escape are placed on the right earpiece. We have a Play / Pause button (which also works as a power and pairing button) and the volume buttons, which we can also use to change songs.

Also in the right earphone, but at the bottom, we have the connector for charging (a Micro USB) and the 3.5 mm jack connector. Because yes, the Motorola Pulse Escape can also be used with cable . In fact, in the box we have the cable available for use.

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape pads

Otherwise, the pads are quite comfortable. They are made with a kind of leatherette that gives off some heat when you wear them for a long time, but in general they offer good ergonomics . In the model I have tested, they are dark gray, with a red background.

Of the same color and material is the protection that we have at the bottom of the headband. This is also quite comfortable. The headphones can be adjusted to adapt them to our head, with a metallic inner part that seems quite resistant. They are comfortable and quite light . In addition, for easy transport, they can be easily folded . Of course, they do not include a carrying case.

Start-up and use

The Motorola Pulse Escape is a Bluetooth headset, so its operation is very simple. We just have to press the Play / Pause button for about 5-6 seconds to get them into pairing mode. The last step will be to search for them on the mobile and connect.

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape app

Another option to pair them is to use the Hubble Connect app , available for both Android and iPhone. Once downloaded, we will have to register in the application. When we are already registered, we will click on Add new device. The application will prompt us to put the headphones in pairing mode. In a few seconds it will detect them and pair with the mobile.

Now that we have the headphones connected to the mobile, we see how they are used. If we have connected them by Bluetooth we can use the buttons on the right earphone to control playback and volume. I must say that I didn't really like these buttons . They are quite hard and when you press them they take time to react.

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape jack

We can also connect the headphones using the 3.5 mm jack cable that we have in the box. In this case, the aforementioned buttons stop working , so we will have to control the music directly from the playback device.

The truth is that having the possibility of using the headphones both by cable and by Bluetooth is a great advantage. The autonomy of the Motorola Pulse Escape can reach up to 10 hours of playback , so it is quite high. However, if we have forgotten to charge the headphones and are traveling, being able to use a jack cable can save us from running out of music. As long as our mobile has a clear headphone jack.

Good audio quality-price ratio

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape with music

Motorola Pulse Escapes are equipped with 40mm dynamic magnetic neodymium magnetic drivers . They offer an impedance of 32 ohms and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In addition, they offer several types of equalization , which we can change by pressing the two buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

In general, the sound obtained is good . They offer enough power for the vast majority of users, with clear sound. However, I have missed something more forceful . The sound is fairly flat in all EQ modes and lacks power in the bass.

If you listen to a lot of music that uses bass a lot, you may notice it, but the truth is that, in general, most users will be happy with the result . And we must never forget that we are talking about headphones that do not exceed 40 euros.

Conclusions and price

We reached the end of the analysis and I can tell you that, after trying them for a few days, I think the Motorola Pulse Escape are highly recommended headphones for the price they have . They have a more than decent audio quality, enough for the vast majority of users looking for cheap headphones.

we have tested Motorola Pulse Escape folded

Among its strengths we can highlight a good quality of construction (even in plastic), its comfort and its versatility , since we can use them both by Bluetooth and by cable. The latter is important, since other similarly priced models do not offer it.

As negative points we have the hardness of its control buttons or the large M , which breaks the sober aesthetics of the headphones a bit.

We can get the Motorola Pulse Escape in Amazon and other electronics stores with a price that ranges between 30 and 40 euros .