How to edit and reduce the size of an mkv file

edit mkv

If you are preparing your favorite movies and series to see them in summer or during the trip directly on your mobile, surely this interests you. And it is that the storage capacity of our devices is limited, and you will not be left without knowing which character dies, what war is being prepared or how a love story ends for it. If so, you no longer have to delete photos, videos or other files , you can reduce the size of said file to make it take up less space in the terminal and carry the entire season or movie you prefer. This is how you do it.

The first thing is to download the HandBreak computer program . It is available for free on its own website for both Windows and Mac computers . It is a complete tool for converting videos between all current formats. It also has other virtues such as modifying the quality, setting new options for titles and chapters, introduction of subtitles and it is even capable of applying different filters to change the appearance of the video.

Its installation is practically automatic. Simply press the Agree button and then Next repeatedly to complete the process. It is simple and there is no need to worry about installing spam bars or strange home pages in the Internet browser.

edit mkv

The next step is to start HandBreak by double clicking on its icon. This takes us to the main screen of the program. Once here you need to find the file you want to edit and reduce its size. For this, you have to click on the Source button and choose the File option to choose a specific file saved within the computer. This file will be that movie or series in mkv format (or any other if necessary) that is going to be edited.

This will load the characteristics of the selected file in the different windows of the main screen. The first thing will be to give an output name and a location to the resulting file . This step is carried out by writing the desired name in the File section and pressing the Browse button to choose the destination.

After that there are several ways to touch up the file. One of them is the automatic way . To do this you just have to select one of the options from the list on the right in HandBreak . These are different profiles that adapt content to mobiles, tablets, computers and other devices, thinking of reducing quality and size in the case of mobiles. Thus, when clicking on the Android option , for example, compression is increased and quality is reduced , among other issues, to achieve a lighter file . The other method, the manual, consists of adjusting the desired parameters one by one. In this case, if what you want is to play with the size of the resulting file , the key is to adjust the quality . Just click on the Video tab and move the Quality bar to the left. Of course, remember that the more compression you apply, the worse the quality of the video you are going to edit will be .

edit mkv

Once everything is configured, it only remains to click on the Start button , which is next to Source. Depending on the length and quality of the original file, this process may take from a couple of minutes to a longer period.

The resulting video is available to the user wherever their destination has been chosen, applying the edits carried out in the HandBreak program .