▷ Spotify is back for 3 months at 1 euro: so you can hire the Premium ✅

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After almost more than a year gone from the Spotify website, the 3-month 1 euro promotion is available again on the company's official website ; almost free. The main rival of YouTube Music and Apple Music, launches its usual three-month promotion at only one euro on a limited basis for a maximum period of one month, so if you were thinking of hiring Spotify Premium for only one euro during the three months of validity, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Find out how through these simple steps.

So you can hire the Spotify Premium for 3 months at 0.99 euros

It is not 3 months free of Spotify but almost. For just 1 euro (0.99 euros to be exact), we can contract the Spotify Premium subscription from today until June 30 .

Among the advantages that Spotify understands, we find the possibility of playing all the content without advertising and offline in case we do not have an Internet connection. It is also worth mentioning the elimination of the limit of reproduction by songs, in such a way that we can change songs without limit.

To enjoy the promotion, we will have to access the Spotify page through this link. In case we are students and we have accredited it through the registration of our center, we can click on this other link to enjoy special conditions.

Once inside, we will click on get Premium and we will enter the data of our Spotify account. The process from now on is as simple as adding the preferred payment method to pay the 0.99 euros that the promotion requires to have the 3 months free.

After three months, the price of the subscription will be 9.99 euros per month . In the event that we are students, the price of the subscription will be only 4.99 euros per month . In any case, we can cancel the subscription as the end of the third month approaches to prevent Spotify from charging the 9.99 or 4.99 of the monthly subscription.

If you've already had Spotify Premium, forget about the 3 months free

This is what Spotify specifies in the terms and conditions of use that the website shows. If we have previously enjoyed a Spotify Premium subscription, we will not be able to enjoy the three months at one euro .

In this case, the only way to proceed is based on creating a new account and exporting all the playlists from our old user to the new one .