Android Auto does not connect to the car: 5 solutions to connect the mobile

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Android Auto, Google's application for the car, has succeeded in replacing the proprietary driving systems of the brands. Today, many vehicles integrate this system into the central console to control aspects such as GPS navigation, call management or multimedia playback. Many others have Bluetooth connections and cable connections that make Android Auto compatible with the car despite not integrating a computer on board. The problem of the latter resides when Android Auto does not connect to the car , even if it has been previously linked to the mobile.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reconnect Android Auto to the car if there is a connection problem, and this time we will see some of the most useful solutions if Android Auto works, does not connect, does not play music or does not make calls .

First of all, is your car compatible with Android Auto?

Although Android Auto is compatible with a large number of models of cars and radios, the truth is that its compatibility is limited to the newest models on the market. Models launched from 2015 and 2016 . In this article we can see a list of all the cars compatible with Android Auto.

My car is not compatible with Android Auto, what do I do?

If our car is not compatible with Android Auto and we want to connect the mobile to it, the only viable option to make the application compatible is based on using a radio compatible with the application .

radio compatible android car

To find one of these radios, it is best to go to Amazon with search terms similar to the following:

  • Radio compatible with Android Auto * car model *
  • Radio compatible with Android Auto * inch screen *
  • Radio compatible with Android Auto * 1 DIN / 2 DIN "

Another option to use Android Auto in the car without being compatible is to use the application on the mobile . Although this works as a standalone device, it is recommended to connect it to the vehicle's sound system either via Bluetooth or via a 3.5 mm mini jack cable to enjoy its multimedia functions (music playback, call management…).

Android Auto does not connect by cable

The fastest and most efficient way to connect the car with Android Auto is based on using the USB port of our vehicle. As a general rule, both mobile phones and vehicles include USB cables (micro USB or USB type C) that support file transfer and are also compatible with Android Auto.

compatible cable android auto

In the event that our cable does not connect, either because of its condition or because it is not compatible with data transfer, we can use a multitude of compatible cables .

Android Auto Compatible USB Cables

Not all cables are compatible with Android Auto. Although there are no specific models, we can find a multitude of compatible cables on Amazon. The only condition is that they have to support the transfer of data .

We leave you below with several cables compatible with Android Auto:

  • Rampow USB Type-C Cable
  • Syncwire Micro USB Cable
  • Aukey USB Type-C Cable

Android Auto won't connect via Bluetooth

If the problematic element to connect to Android Auto is based on the Bluetooth connection of our car or vehicle, the way to proceed is as simple as unpairing and re-linking the car on our phone .

android auto does not connect

In Android Auto, the process is as simple as accessing the application's Settings by sliding the main menu to the right. Once inside we will click on Connected Cars and then on the three points in the upper bar.

Finally, we will click on Forget all cars   and uncheck the Add new cars to Android Auto box. We will have to follow the same process in the Android Settings application; specifically in the Bluetooth section with the car's Bluetooth connection.

bluetooth android auto does not connect

If none of the above has worked for us, then we will have to reinstall the application again and download the latest version . Since Google Play does not have the latest version of the application, it is best to turn to pages like APK Mirror.

  • Download Android Auto from APK Mirror