The best websites and applications to know what the weather will be like

Watching the weather while it rains

Looking for the best application to know what the weather will be like

They say that we only remember Santa Barbara when it thunders , they also say that it never rains to everyone's liking. With a smart phone in your pocket, or the entire Internet at the click of a computer, there is no excuse for rain, thunder or snow to take you by surprise . Let's see which are the best websites and applications to know the weather forecast .

The science of weather man

The meteorology is a science increasingly accurate , we are far from when this was practically a divining art. The forecasts in the short term are usually very accurate , and medium - term (several days) even long term (over a week) are handled statistical models that often hit much . It helped a lot, since the beginning of the last century, that we humans took flight: observing what happens in the heights is essential to know how time evolves and why.

That the predictions are correct, even that we know what will happen in a week , is due to several factors: first, that we have measurement tools of various types and precision. Satellites with various types of cameras, Doppler radars , height probes or ground stations with real-time data .

In addition, the physics and mathematics behind the forecasts are polished with experience, and the statistical part gains precision as the data increases. Many people are unaware but the "physics of the air" is a complete complex one- and career specialty Physics . Of course computers have made it possible to make a leap thanks to their computing power and ability to store information.

And finally another important factor in the development of meteorology is the collaborative spirit between countries: far from competing, they help each other, there is information exchanged , and of course when there is any detected alert is communicated immediately to all. A good example of this is the widespread use made of the work of the Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric of the United States ( NOAA for its acronym in English), whose data are provided for everyone and it is possible to make predictions all types with the right knowledge.

The best Apps and weather websites

My three favorite websites are MeteoBlue , that of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) and that of El Tiempo , and each one has a mobile application . To these I would add Wind Finder , which as its name suggests is ideal for those who have some activity related to the wind ( windsurfers , sailors , etc.) but also has accurate weather forecasts, although it is dedicated as I say to the wind and even counts with a calculator that takes into account the local orography to give us the wind at low altitude. The fifth selected has to be Weather & Radar even if it is only Android, because she is very good. In all cases you have free access to the information, and by paying you remove the ads or access even more detail . Well, in all of them except AEMET , which is official and totally free (or rather we all pay for it).

AEMET mobile hours forecast

As I said, Meteoblue is my favorite but I always combine it with AEMET : for some reason, Meteoblue's forecast when rainfall comes is always optimistic , and AEMET's is always pessimistic, but as you may be imagining, AEMET is right! If you have to decide whether to carry rain gear on a motorcycle, or an umbrella in your bag, trust AEMET because if it says that there is a 50 percent chance of rain, it will rain even if Meteoblue only had 10 or even zero percent ... the rest, i.e. temperatures , wind , cloud coverand at what heights, it is very good and widely used among people who are dedicated to climbing , walking in the mountains, or paragliding and gliding. Although they use more advanced ones to have a better perspective of how the air will be, thermals and others, a topic that I would give for several reports.

The AEMET mobile application is also very good, because in addition to the predictions it has access to the radar maps , and if you select your region you can see an animation of the last hours where it is clear where it has rained or is raining, which can be very useful because as I say is what is happening at that time.

AEMET mobile rain radar

As for the Meteoblue mobile application , it offers everything that the web offers, and it is very useful. I particularly love the " Meteogram " an infographic with three rows where very intuitively presents, for each day and each hour: how will the sky (sunny, cloudy, rain), the temperature , the clouds and possible rain (and quantity, if any), and finally the wind (speed, direction and gusts). It takes much longer to describe it than to see it and assimilate that information, which - except for the possibility of rain, always optimistic - is usually very accurate.

MEteoblue mobile forecast meteogram

Of Time it is a website where you will find faces well - known weather - related, such as the popular JA Maldonado or the no less famous Mario Picazo (presenters of time in Telediarios and Telecinco  respectively for many years). It is part of a multinational network but with a Spanish base, and the truth is that its predictions are usually correct and with enough detail for most. If I only had to use one, I would surely choose this one because it also has a good mobile application .

The mobile weather forecast day by hours

The Weather & Radar application for Android mobiles is another favorite for its versatility: with two movements of the thumb you can see the animation of the cloud map over the area whose forecast interests you, the forecasts in several days and levels of detail. It has a lot of information , paying even more, and it is accurate (correct forecasts). Curiously, or unfortunately, they do not have a website or iOS version .

Weather & Mobile Radar

There is still more ...

Actually the amount of web and especially mobile applications that exist dedicated to this matter is surprising: search by " time " or by " weather " and you will see, it does not matter in iTunes or Google Play , there are many! Someone might ask me why I haven't said anything about AccuWeather : the truth is that this website stood out years ago because it was one of the first to offer long-term forecasts.(up to two weeks), but it has been the victim of its popularity and is full of publicity, and I also do not find it particularly remarkable in any section (not right). It has received a redesign not long ago and has improved, but it is slow ... total, that I left it out of my selection this time.

In MeteoCenter,  if we select the SW zone (southwest) of Europe, we will see the peninsula, and we can see forecasts (and current events) of temperatures, winds, clouds, precipitation, possible storms or snow. I copied the map of the accumulated snow after the front of the third week of January, which offers the surprising image of seeing a lot of accumulated snow in Levante and Murcia.

Meteocenter accumulated snow peninsula iberica_

Another interesting website is Sat24 because it allows you to view satellite images , both in the visible and infrared spectrum . It offers forecast up to the next 48 hours but, beyond the interest in seeing the image of clouds, storms and anticyclones, the advertising it contains is not worth swallowing.