▷ Solution to BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error in Windows 10

Solution to Windows 10 Bad System Config Info error

One of the most common Windows 10 errors is the famous Windows 10 Bad System Config Info . Generally, this error appears on our computer or PC after installing a Windows update, as we saw a few months ago. The problem with it is that, unlike other similar errors, it does not allow us to enter the system even if we access the safe mode of Windows 10. The message that appears on the Windows blue screen is the same that we can see in the image above, and the computer is usually unable to restart even though the Diagnostic Tool is run. Fortunately, there is a solution, and we will not have to use any external program or tool to carry it out.

How to fix Windows 10 Bad System Config Info error

Better known as bad_system_config_info, it is an error that prevents us from accessing the system with the famous blue screen and a certain error code. Although Windows 10 is able to repair the problem automatically with the Diagnostic Tools, there are times when the computer enters a continuous restart loop . We can resort to two methods to solve the problem in question, and both go through resorting to the Windows CMD.

Solution 1 to the bad_system_config_info error

To solve the Bad System Config Info error in Windows 10, the first thing we will have to do once we get to the Windows 10 Automatic Recovery menu is to select the Advanced Options option  instead of Restart.

automatic repair windows 10 your pc did not start correctly-3

Then we will give you to Solve problems and again to Advanced options .

bad_system_config_info error solution

Finally we will give Command Prompt .

Windows 10 Bad System Config Info Error Solution 1

Now the CMD should appear with system privileges. It is likely that the system requires our user password, so we will have to write it to access the aforementioned program.

Bad System Config Info solution

At this point, we will have to enter a series of commands to repair the Windows startup and solve the Bad System Config Info error in Windows 10. The commands to enter are the following

  • bcdedit / deletevalue {default} truncatememory
  • bcdedit / deletevalue {default} numproc
  • exit

When we have exited the CMD, we will restart the computer and the error should have been solved. If during the execution of some of these commands the CMD has thrown us some kind of error, as is our case, it may be because the files in the config folder (c: \ windows \ system32 \ config) have been damaged after the error Bad System . In this case, we will have to resort to the method that we will explain below to safeguard the files and repair them in a new folder

Solution 2 to the bad_system_config_info error

In the event that the previous method has not been executed correctly, we will have to resort to a series of commands to solve the error through the restructuring of the Windows startup folder.

To do this, we will have to go back to the Windows CMD through the Command Prompt . We can access in the same way as in the previous method.

solution Bad System Config Info 2

Once we are inside, the commands to enter are the following:

  • c: (may vary depending on the hard drive, in our case it is d.)
  • dir
  • cd c: \ windows \ system32 \ config
  • md backup
  • copy *. * backup (we will have to accept the action)
  • cd regback
  • copy *. * .. (we will have to press the T key to copy all the files)
  • exit

When we have reached the last step, we will restart the PC and now, the error will be finally solved.