Instagram customer service: phone number, contact and support email


Contacting Instagram is not an easy thing . We are going to announce it to you right away, because if you find yourself in trouble and need to contact the people in charge of this social network, it may be a bit complicated. We explain ourselves.

As soon as you look for a way to contact, be it with a phone number, support email or other contact, it is most likely that you will realize that this is information that is absolutely hidden . You will soon realize, in addition, that Instagram does not have a customer service phone number and that the only thing you can do (and praying for a response) is use the contact forms. Which is what all companies of this type usually have, except for some like Gmail, which even offer a customer service phone for general Google services. But, let's see what we can do to help you connect with Instagram. 


Instagram customer service, who can help me?

If you try to contact Instagram and you get someone to answer you, you can already hit your teeth. In recent times, the social network has registered an unparalleled growth , so that it is increasingly difficult to contact them and get them to respond. If you need a quick solution, you'll have to be patient, because you won't get it instantly either.

The first thing we recommend you do is access this page: //, which is, theoretically, the page from which you can get the answer to almost all your queries. A kind of FAQs section where you can find information. You can also access through //, because as you know, the owner of Instagram is, after all, Facebook .

Click on the button that redirects to the Privacy and Security Center  section and select Make a report . Here you will get important information about different issues that you can report on Instagram, but beware, to finally report them, it would be better to go to the publication in question. It is the only way that the social network offers users to communicate with those above.

In any case, you have information about: hacked accounts, impersonation, minors, accounts with content that incites hatred, intellectual property, legal request for deletion, exposed private information, self-harm, abusive behavior or spam or exploitation. All the options that have a link have specific complaint forms.


If you want to report any image or profile, you will need to go to it (either from the application or through Instagram on the web) and click on the three points located at the top of the snapshot. Then select the Report option. You will have to choose a reason. Instagram will not notify in any case the person or entity that has reported it. 


Use Facebook chat

As Instagram does not offer options to contact them directly , another option may be to use the Facebook chat. Access your account to try to speak with those responsible through Messenger. You can also try including a comment on their posts, so that an agent can reply to you.

Send a postal letter to their offices

It can be very difficult for them to respond to you , but you can try your luck by sending a letter to their postal address. They are based in California. These are his address:

Arbitration Opt-out

1601 Willow Rd.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Contact Instagram via Twitter

Instagram is also on Twitter, so you have the option to ask any of your questions here. Use this platform to mention them and perhaps in this way you will get a much faster response than through the forms or using the traditional postal letter.

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