10 Chrome extensions to help you study

10 Chrome extensions to help you study

The Google Chrome browser has the enormous advantage of having a huge variety of extensions and applications that feed it with a myriad of functions and utilities in practically any field.

In the current context, with a large number of users demanding online learning, it is convenient to know some of these tools, especially those that can help us in our study tasks and keep us productive  for longer.

There are them for all tastes and colors, so we are going to offer you a selection of the  ten best Chrome extensions to help you in your studies . We started!


Google Docs PDF / PowerPoint file viewer

We start with the always useful Google Docs File Viewer, an extension that allows us to automatically preview files in PDF format and PowerPoint presentations that we have stored on our computer or that we have downloaded at that time.

We will only have to install it in the browser in order to indicate to the extension which files we want to open. It is used for any document, and we can see it in Google Doc and Powerpoint  without having to download it to our computer, taking up storage space.


Google translator

Yes, Google Translate is also available in an add-on version that we can install for free in our browser.

Using it couldn't be easier. All you have to do is select a piece of text or just a word, and click on the Google Translate icon below. A perfect tool for those who are studying languages .

Google dictionary

This extension  had to be here yes or yes , given the importance of this function for practically any student. The Google Dictionary is a very simple and practical tool with support for several languages ​​up to a total of 18 , including Spanish of course.

To use it, we only have to  select with the cursor the word whose meaning we want to know, and a pop-up window will appear with what we were looking for.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that allows us to search for information from several sources at the same time. This option is quite useful for those of us who have to carry out some work in writing in which we are required to add bibliographic citations to cite the sources consulted .

The Google Scholar extension adds a button to the browser  to quickly access from any website , in addition to transferring our query to the search engine on the official website: scholar.google.com/.


Daum Equation Editor

Thanks to Daum Equation Editor we can  write and edit equations in a simple and comfortable way . The equations that we have written can be saved as text or image to later integrate them into any of our documents or notes on which we are working.

We can write directly with the characters on the keyboard itself or use the interface of  the symbols menu offered by the extension , in the event that the keyboard falls short. We choose the one that best suits each case.

Google documents offline

This tool doesn't need too many introductions, its name says it all. If we install the Google Documents extension offline, we can access Google Drive, to create or edit files  without having to be connected to the internet .

We can work offline on Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Google Presentations, in the event of any unforeseen event, either to review the notes on the way to class while we are in the car or on the bus, or to edit files, even if we don't have a WiFi network at hand.



LightShot is an extension to take screenshots using a very simple system to use, since it allows us to  select the area of ​​the screen that we want to save directly.

We will also find several editing tools such as a trimmer, a pencil, or the possibility of changing the color of the selection. Once our selection is made, we can save it locally or upload it to the cloud, print it or share it through social networks.

Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight allows you to highlight the content of a web page as if it were a kind of virtual highlighter. In addition, we can also insert reference symbols to  complement the information that we want to highlight in the text . Perfect for those of us who need this kind of visual reinforcement when memorizing data.

Save to Google Drive

Saving in Google Drive allows us ... well, to easily save any content that we find on those web pages that we are consulting. Whether it's a PDF document or a few images , we can store everything in our Google Drive account. In this way, we can organize all the content by folders and subfolders for quick and convenient access.

Once the extension is installed in our browser, we will have the option to "Save to Drive" just by pressing the right mouse button .

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

Save To Pocket is an extension specially designed so that we can save any web page on the  servers of the Pocket service for later consultation . We can store what we want: web pages, links, images, files of all kinds.

Not only that, but this extension also offers us the possibility of  synchronizing it with any of our devices , and offers us suggestions for similar content about the one we just saved. A marvel that you should not miss.

So far our selection with the most useful extensions to help us in our study tasks . We hope the information has been useful to you. We invite you to use them today to see if it really improves your performance.