How to put the largest letter on your mobile

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Our mobiles are not always as accessible as we would like. In fact, if you have any kind of visual impairment, it may be difficult for you to read messages, write them or even identify missed calls at a glance . It is important, in this sense, to be able to have a phone that includes options to configure the font size. In this way, whether you have problems seeing closely due to age issues , or if you have any other difficulty in this regard, today we want to tell you how you can put the largest print on your mobile . You will see that it is a very simple gesture, which despite that will solve a very important daily problem. Take a look at the instructions below.

1. If you have an Android mobile device , the first thing you will have to do is unlock the device. Next, go to the Settings section .

2. Within the Personnel area , you will have to click on the Accessibility option . Here you can configure all those options that will help you use your mobile phone to be much more comfortable and practical.

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3. Access the lower part of the menu (just scroll down) and click on the Font size option .

4. This is where you can configure the font size of practically all the applications, areas and functionalities that you have operative on your mobile.

5. When you click on Font size , a menu will open where you can select different sizes. Thus, from here you can choose any of the following: Tiny, Extra-small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large and Huge . Logically, if you have vision problems, you will have to opt for one of the last three options, being the Extra Large and Huge the most comfortable to see all the content you need clearly.

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6. In fact, if the Huge option does not bother you and you usually have clear problems to see almost all the contents and messages on your mobile, it would be advisable that you choose it. The font size, which is frankly considerable, will apply in almost every corner of the phone . This means that you will see the largest letters in the address book, which will be great for finding the contact you are looking for the first time, but you will also read e-mails, SMS and even WhatsApp messages that you receive or send. .

You must be clear, of course, that if you choose the Huge option , it will not be applied in all sections or applications. If it couldn't be, the Extra-large mode would be applied , which is not the maximum available, but which is not bad either. In this way, you can see everything you want from your mobile at a glance and without having to reach for your glasses all the time.

If it does not convince you, you think that the size is not large enough or you need other options to reinforce hearing problems or other difficulties, you may have to opt for an adapted phone. Firms such as Doro, Alcatel or Emporia have in their mobile catalogs large keys and many options to configure the size of the font or even the sound.