How to order an Uber for the first time step by step

How to order an Uber for the first time step by step

You know that in your city there is the Uber VTC car rental service with driver but you have never dared to hire one. They have told you that if it is cheaper than a Taxi, that the service is much better ... but, for whatever reason, you have not yet encouraged to use it. It may be lazy to enter the card number (you can pay with PayPal and, in some cities, it is even possible to pay at the end of the trip, with cash) or because this Internet and asking for services is not your thing, you are not good at it. In any case, and as always, at your expert we live to make things easier for you and we want any management you can do on the Internet to be very easy. And here we are going to explain to you, step by step, in detail, how to order an Uber and make sure everything goes smoothly.Bookmark this page so you always have it at hand.

How to order an Uber for the first time, step by step

The first thing we have to do, of course, is download the Uber application from the Google Play store. You have it pre-installed on your Android mobile and it is the store from where you will download all the tools you use on your phone. If you want to download it from right here, you just have to click on this link and it will take you directly to the store. The application is free, has no advertising and has a download size that can vary depending on the device, but is around 50 MB. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network to avoid wasting data when downloading it.

Once you open it for the first time, you must create your username, providing the phone number where you have installed the application. Complete all the required information and activate the service with the four-digit code that will reach your mobile. Every time you log in to your account, you must enter a new code, thus ensuring that only you enter your account.

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Confirm your pickup on the map

Let's imagine that you are already in your Uber account and you have everything ready to request your first trip (which, by the way, you will get a discount of 5 euros for being the first. Then, the application gives you codes to offer them to other users and both of you receive a discount for subsequent trips). For the app to work properly, you must allow it to access location services. Once given, the map will appear. On this map, where you can see your situation in the blue icon with an arrow, cars will appear driving. Those are, in real time and location, all the cars that are available in your area. Now where you can read 'Where are you going ?, put the destination address, as exact as you can. The Uber driver is required to drop you off exactly at the point you have marked.Also make sure you are right where the driver is going to pick you up.

Once you have placed the destination, if you want to edit the pickup or destination site, click on them on the map. Then move the pin to the place where you want the driver to pick you up or change the destination.

Remember that you can use PayPal to pay

On this screen you can confirm the trip if you agree with the price as well as change the payment method, being able to use Google Pay, debit or credit card, PayPal and cash in some cities. See here if you have this modality available.

Once the trip has finished, if you have used the card payment or PayPal, simply say goodbye to the driver as the application will automatically pay for you . Then you will have a notification on your mobile to rate your trip and leave an additional tip if the trip has been very to your liking. Remember that the driver will also value you, so you should use this service with politeness and kindness, keeping the basic rules of education at all times. You are using a car rental service with a driver, it is not your personal driver.


Problems that can arise when ordering an Uber for the first time

Want to cancel an Uber ride?

If you are using the application for the first time to order a car, you may have doubts and back off before the contract is validated. You can cancel the Uber ride in two ways, one before the driver is assigned to you. When you order an Uber car, the application will start looking for a driver for you. At that time you must cancel the trip , the cancellation being automatic. This should be done very quickly. You can also cancel a trip even if you have been assigned a driver, but, in this case, you may be charged an amount on account, not defined by the company, to compensate in some way the driver who has had to travel to the place chosen one.

Have you had problems with your Uber ride?

Imagine that you had a problem on your first Uber trip, you do not agree with something that happened or with the behavior of the driver (something rare that happens, in my experience they have always been very friendly and professional). What are you to do then? The procedure for filing a claim on an Uber ride is very simple. You just have to enter this link and the last trip you have made will appear (which, in your case, is the first). If you look up you will see a bar in which you can describe what your incidence was. If any entry appears as a match, click and see the procedure you must use to make the claim. All procedures are done online.

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How do I find my codes to travel with a discount?

When you have already traveled for the first time, you will be given discount codes that you, in turn, can give to other users so that they travel for the first time and it will be cheaper or even free. He will receive 5 euros in his account and so will you. If the trip is greater than 5 euros, you will be charged the difference and if it is less than 5 euros , the excess will remain in your account. To see the codes, click on the sidebar of the application and go to 'Free trips'. On this screen you can copy your invitation code for your friends to use Uber for the first time.