▷ Error 401 Authorization Required, what is it and how to fix it

error 401

One of the most common errors when accessing a certain page of a web portal. The 401 Authorization Required or Unauthorized Error, although it might seem like an error related to the web servers in question, it is an error often related to the access permissions of a certain page. But what is Error 401 and does it appear? And most importantly, how can we fix Error 401? All this and much more we see below.

How to troubleshoot and fix Error 401 Unauthorization required

Http Error 401 Unauthorized, as its name suggests, this is an error related to web service authentication. In other words, it is a page that needs administrator privileges to be displayed correctly. Sometimes the error is related to a misspelled URL or web address . In which case as simple as retyping the address correctly to solve the access problem.

401 not authorized error

If this is not our case, fixing Error 401 is as easy as entering our credentials (username and password) in any of the forms that the website in question offers to login.

In WordPress, for example, just go to the address www.domainname.com/wp-admin/ to access the access panel. In Prestashop, on the other hand, the access address is usually www.domainname.com/admin . In other CMS this same address may vary, which is why we recommend contacting the hosting service. Have we entered the address correctly and we still get the same error? Then most likely the site administrator has changed the login address to a custom one (www.domainname.com/ login, www.domainname.com/login ...).

Another possible cause of this error may be due to the fact that the website's server redirects all its pages to a page that necessarily requires administrator permissions to be viewed. The best way to solve it in this case will be to contact the site administrator to let them know as quickly as possible. The given error is probably related to the htaccess file and its redirection settings.

Finally, it may be the case that the web service servers (1and1, one.com, Wix…) that have the page in question hosted have suffered some kind of crash or attack. Although not usually the case, this can create redirects from pages to others with content restricted to administrators and publishers. In this case, it is best to contact them through customer service .