Atrápalo, Tickets or Ticketmaster, which is the best website to buy tickets

tickets ticketmaster catch it reviews,, ... There are many websites that allow us to buy tickets online for different shows (concerts, circuses, plays, etc.), although without a doubt these three are the most popular they have nationwide. A priori, each of the pages is specialized in a different sector, although most shows tend to coincide, at least between the first two. In the case of Atrápalo, the website has a compendium of options to hire flights, hotels and shows, among a myriad of other possibilities. Which is better to buy tickets? Let's see what each one offers.

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  • Tickets: the best option if you are going to buy tickets for musicals and plays
    • Advantages and disadvantages of
    • guarantees
    • prices
    • reviews
  • Ticketmaster: the official website of most music festivals and concerts
    • Advantages and disadvantages of
    • guarantees
    • prices
    • reviews
  • For everything else, catch it
    • Advantages and disadvantages of
    • guarantees
    • prices
    • reviews
  • Conclusions, what is the best website?

Tickets: the best option if you are going to buy tickets for musicals and plays

opinions com tickets

The website comes as a multidisciplinary platform where we can buy tickets for practically any show: from cinema, theater, musicals, sports, museums and exhibitions to festivals, plays and shows. However, the page is specialized in the sale of tickets for musicals, plays and movies . Proof of this are the images that we can see below.

Advantages and disadvantages of

As of December 4, 2019, the website offers a total of 288 shows related to live music, including concerts of pop rock, jazz, blues, electronics and some music festivals.

If we take a look at the theater category, we can see that the page offers almost 6,000 different types of shows between ballet, dance, comedy, drama, opera, zarzuela and classical music , among others. In musicals and shows, the web offers around 2,000 different shows, 3,000 if we talk about museums and exhibitions and just over 2,000 if we talk about children's and youth events. guarantees

The guarantees offered by the website depend on the type of ticket that we have purchased if we are talking about retrospective returns.

  • Movie tickets : we will have to contact the platform to personally assess the case.
  • Sports tickets : in the case of football and basketball, clubs do not allow cancellations and changes after the event. In Moto GP and tour by states, we will have to contact the platform so that they personally assess the case.
  • Show tickets : the website offers an exchange service that allows us to buy new tickets for a similar show or within the list. Subsequently, the purchased event will be canceled and the money will be returned. prices

Since most musicals and plays base their only access route through, the value of the tickets usually corresponds to the original value of the work in question.

In the case of certain cultural events, such as exhibitions or film screenings, it is best to resort to official channels to obtain a somewhat cheaper price , as acts as a mere intermediary. The same happens with most concerts and festivals. reviews

If we take a look at a page like Trust Pilot or Trip Advisor we can see that the opinions of are not all the positive that the website wants to see. Some users report that the help service offered by the platform is practically non-existent : contact emails that do not receive a response, useless assistance forms and operators that do not help to solve problems.

To this is added that the only means of telephone contact that is offered through the web is based on a payment number with additional pricing , not to mention that the web has some operational problems that cause problems related to duplication of payments. However, the general opinion of the web is positive, and the negative cases are limited.

Ticketmaster: the official website of most music festivals and concerts

opinions ticketmaster is

If focuses its offer on cinema, musicals, plays, museums and exhibitions, focuses precisely on offering live music, concerts and festivals through , although we can also find part of the offer of the first in this last.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Ticketmaster is probably the largest outlet for tickets to live concerts and music-related shows. Most festivals, artists, performers and musicians use this platform as their sole point of sale , along with local points of sale in some locations.

The same happens if we talk about plays, musicals and football, although in this case the website acts as an intermediary between the official website of the show and the user. In this case, however, Ticketmaster will automatically redirect us to the seller's official website instead of preserving the sale within the platform .

Another advantage of Ticketmaster is based precisely on the possibility of buying tickets for shows from different countries , as it is based in different parts of the world. guarantees

The guarantees offered by Ticketmaster are somewhat more limited than those of The general conditions specify that the website will not be responsible for any cancellation or replacement of tickets unless we take out non-attendance insurance, insurance that represents a surcharge on the original value of the ticket . In this case, we will have to tell the platform that we will not be able to attend. Subsequently, 100% of the amount owed will be integrated. prices

The case of Tickermaster is very similar to that of Tickets. Since it is one of the most important official sales points in Spain, the price usually coincides with the original sale price . The rest of the events that Ticketmaster does not promote are to redirect us directly through the web to the official point of sale, making sure that the price is the official one . reviews

The Ticketmaster service has more than 2,000 opinions on sites like Trust Pilot and an average score of 4.4. Although the opinions of the web are mostly positive, there are not a few users who have reported that the page has some errors in the map of seats and seats : when choosing a particular seat, the page associates a totally different one in the time of payment. Many others point out that in the events that are promoted on the web, the organization does not respect the order of the tickets and their location within the venue , although this is something that escapes the less of Ticketmaster.

For everything else, catch it

Atrá is a platform that combines a set of services which we have already described in the entry. As the very motto of the website indicates, the service is specialized in offers and promotions of different events where what prevails is the low price of the tickets .

Advantages and disadvantages of

opinions catch it com

Possibly the greatest advantage of Atrápalo is precisely its great offer of promotions. From flights at cost prices to hotels in tourist places for a few hundred euros.

When it comes to concerts, plays, festivals and cultural events in general, the offer is usually rather scarce. It is true that prices are usually lower than those of other platforms . Unfortunately, the number of offers is somewhat limited, so we will have to turn to other pages. If we talk about events, cruises, hotels and travel, things change completely. guarantees

The guarantees of the platform are very similar to those of Ticketmaster. As a general rule, no change or return of tickets or tickets of all those services contracted in the online mode will be accepted . If we opt for the Special Cancellation Insurance, the company will reimburse us 100% of the amount owed, although again it represents a premium over the original value of the service. prices

It is not the most attractive website in terms of variety and quantity of cultural events, but it is in price. On a regular basis, the page launches a series of promotions with which we can buy tickets to the show for a value significantly lower than the original value .

The same happens in the rest of the platform options: hotels, trains, flights, trips and so on. Sometimes, however, the price is somewhat higher than what we can find on the official pages of services such as the railroad or airlines. From we recommend comparing prices on different platforms , such as Kayak or Skyscanner. reviews

The opinions of the Spanish website are not very positive on Trust Pilot or Trip Advisor. In fact, a large number of users report that the web has multiple failures when paying for a ticket, flight, hotel or service in general that is advertised for a certain price.

Incompatible credit cards, higher account charges than the website promises at the time of purchase or inflated prices compared to official sales platforms. The most recurrent complaint, however, is based on the practices of the web when reserving certain services.

Apparently, Atrápalo does not confirm the sale in question until users pay a certain amount of money higher than the price that is promoted on the web. Some users have claimed that they never receive the confirmation email , and that after contacting the company they announce that they will have to pay a surcharge to confirm the reservation immediately .

Conclusions, what is the best website?

After seeing the main advantages and disadvantages of the three pages to buy tickets online, the conclusions are clear.

Ticketmaster is generally the most reliable option when it comes to live music events . If we choose cultural events such as plays, movies, musicals or children's events, is the most recommended option, although we will have to be careful when making a payment through the platform .

As for Atrápalo, although the website has interesting promotions, from we can only recommend other options , due to the different controversies in which the page has been involved in the last year.