Is it worth buying PS4 Pro in 2019?

PS4 Pro in 2019

The new generation of game consoles is getting closer and closer, which raises many users the question of whether it is worth buying a PS4 Pro in 2019 or better to wait for the arrival of Sony's new platform. In this article we analyze the current situation of the PS4 Pro , and if it is a good idea to get it this year.

The PS4 Pro hit the market in late 2016 so it is on its way to turning three years old. This device was put on sale as the first console on the market capable of offering 4K resolution , even if it is through the Checkerboard rendering and it is not the long-awaited native 4K. Along with the PS4 Pro have come true gems like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and the acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man.

PS4 Pro maintains the same official price of 400 euros with which it hit the market in 2016 . It's strange to see that Sony hasn't lowered the price of the platform in all this time. This makes us think that a great effort was made to adjust its price to the maximum, taking into account the characteristics that the equipment offers. Despite this we can find specific offers, or packs with games for a very attractive price.

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PS5 is still far away and we don't know the price

Many people argue that it is not a good idea to buy the PS4 Pro this year, because its hardware is out of date, and the next generation is near. It is true that the hardware of the current Sony console is already quite old, and it was not cutting edge at the time, but the developers do an exquisite job to get the most out of it .

A console is a closed platform, which allows its specifications to be used much more than on the PC, which is a totally open platform, with a multitude of configurations to adapt the games to. This keeps the PS4 Pro hardware still performing exceptionally well. Games like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 are two graphic marvels, which work perfectly under the hardware of this console.

The information available so far indicates that the PS5 will be much more powerful, which on the other hand is totally logical since there is a generational jump. The new console is expected to include cutting-edge technologies, such as Zen 2 processors and AMD's Navi graphics cards. This sounds great but has a drawback, the manufacturing price of the new console will be higher and for now we have no idea what it will cost out of the box . Many experts say that the PS5 will not sell for less than 500 euros.

It is the best time to enjoy the vast catalog of PS4

Buying a console that is reaching the end of its life cycle has a very important advantage, we can find hundreds or thousands of games of tremendous quality and at very low prices . Ps4 Pro has platform exclusive games like Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of the Colossus Remastered, Spider-Man, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Days Gone and many more. They are all exceptional games and are available at ever lower prices. Are you going to miss them?

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You can also turn to a wide catalog of second-hand games in stores like Game, games that are like new in most cases and that can be yours at a bargain price. We do not forget the arrival of PS Now to Spain, a subscription that gives us access to more than 400 games for 100 euros a year.


Our conclusion is that buying a PS4 Pro is worth more than ever , the console will give us many hours of fun for a very reasonable price. The new generation is still far away, it would be a shame to miss out on so many possibilities for wanting to wait.

What do you think? Do you think it is worth buying a PS4 Pro right now?