Portable North Pole, create personalized messages from Santa Claus for your children

Portable North Pole, create personalized messages from Santa Claus for your children

With Christmas very close, this that we propose is a very fun way to surprise your children and acquaintances . It is about Portable North Pole, a website (and also an app) that allows us to make personalized videos in which Santa Claus himself congratulates Christmas.

This original platform can serve to have a special detail with the smallest of the house, although it also allows us to make videos for adults , with a nice tone but adding some bad temper. There is even the possibility of preparing a video for groups.

How to make your custom video

When we enter the web, we must mark Videos. This brings us to a menu with different options. Apart from the three types of videos mentioned above, there are many more options, although only available to Premium users . The first three, however, are free.

If we want to make a message for our children, we mark the first option “only for children”. A new window will then open where we will be asked for specific information about the recipient of the video: name, age, a photo and some special characteristic (from which we are given to choose). We can even add the date of your birthday so that you receive a video of congratulations on that day.

portable north pole

When we have filled in all the options, we press Create video. We are then taken to a waiting menu, in which we have to wait while the magic is created. After a wait of about 10 minutes, the video is ready . We can share it on Twitter or Facebook, or send it by mail. If we want to download the video in HD, we must be Premium customers.

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We couldn't help but make a special video for a great fellow writer.

 Videos for the oldest

The option for older people has a different touch, since it  allows us to introduce a slight evil . The menu to create a video for the elderly also requires us to put the name and photo of the recipient, and then offer us a very wide range of options.

Thus, Santa Claus can praise or scold our partner, friend or partner , depending on the tone we want to give the video. "You always have great ideas", "You try to take out the garbage" or "You are the most understanding person in the world" are some of the possibilities.

On the other hand, if we want to emphasize some defects and that Santa Claus quarrels with the recipient, we also have a wide series of options: " You gas a lot in bed ", "You talk too much with your mother" or "You spend too much time on the Internet" are some of the complaints that we can transfer to the great Santa Claus.

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Get a Christmas call

Another option that Portable North Pole offers us is to  create a phone call where Santa and the Elves congratulate us on the year , or with personalized themes as in the case of videos. The function is only available, of course, for Premium users.

We can contract a single call, for 3.50 euros, or contract the Magic Pass, for 11 euros , which also allows us to access the rest of the available videos, as well as the download of HD content that we mentioned before.

In short, Portable North Pole is a very fun website that is open to endless Christmas possibilities . Take advantage of the dates to send some personalized videos that are sure to surprise some, and others, who are older, will make them smile.