How to install Android on an old PC

How to install Android on an old PC

The great advances that are taking place in the information technology sector mean that computers are often renewed every few years. We explain how you can install Android on an old desktop or laptop . In this way you can give it a second life, and take advantage of it far beyond what you had imagined.

Why install Android on an old PC

There are many reasons that we could list, why it is worth installing Android on a computer that has already been behind for a few years. Android is an operating system that offers us thousands of totally free games , all of which are perfectly enjoyable on mobile devices and tablets, but many times the experience of playing on a large monitor is unsurpassed.

How to install Android on an old PC 4

Nor do we forget the large number of applications that you can find within Google Play. All these applications make Android have little to envy other operating systems designed for PC, such as Windows, Mac or Linux.

Your old computer may no longer be able to run current versions of Windows fluently, but Android is a much lighter operating system, so you shouldn't have too much trouble moving around easily.

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Install Android on your PC with PrimeOS

There are several ways to install Android on a computer. The most purists will say that it is best to download the native version of Android x86, and install it on our PC as if it were a Windows operating system. This is true, however, it is a process that can be quite complicated for many users.

So in this case we have opted for a much simpler approach. PrimeOS is an Android-based operating system, which has been designed to be as simple as possible to install on a computer.

In fact, you can download and install PrimeOS just like any other Windows program. By doing this, a menu will appear on your computer when you turn it on, giving you the option to choose whether to start the Windows or PrimeOS operating system.

The first step we need to do is download PrimeOS from the project's official website. The interface gives you the option of downloading the installer for Windows, or an ISO image to install it as a single operating system, you choose. In our case we are going to install it together with Windows.

Once the download is complete, you will only have to install PrimeOS like any other Windows program . After that, you will only have to restart your computer to choose if you want to start with Windows or Android.

But the possibilities of PrimeOS go much further, since you can also install this software on your computer's hard drive as a single operating system just like you would with Windows.

These are the main advantages of using PrimeOS on an older computer:

  • Provides desktop experience with start menu, taskbar, etc.
  • It comes with multi-window support, with options to maximize, minimize, close, and resize the window.
  • Option to disable multi-window for any application, in case you need it.
  • Includes the basic keyboard shortcuts like Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, Win + D etc.
  • Close to the AOSP experience with just the necessary desktop features.
  • Your taskbar has the ability to pin apps, display notifications, and system icons.
  • There is the key mapping tool to play with the keyboard and mouse.