Lenovo Watch 9, analog watch with smart features

Lenovo Watch 9, analog watch with smart features

Lenovo has announced the launch of a different smartwatch. It's called Lenovo Watch 9 and it's a hybrid smartwatch . What does hybrid mean? Which is an analog watch with smart features. Unlike other smartwatches, the Watch 9 has no display. It connects to the smartphone through a dedicated application. In addition, it vibrates to inform us of notifications, it is waterproof and compatible with iOS and Android. The Lenovo Watch 9 will arrive in China on March 23 with a price of 129 yuan, which translates to about 17 euros.

Generally, smart watches are quite expensive devices. They have OLED screens, many sensors, and even their own operating system. However, not all users need all these functionalities . Hence, quantifying bracelets and other options arise. For these types of users it is the Lenovo Watch 9.

We are facing an analog clock, but it hides some smart functions. On the front it has a sapphire crystal with a 9H hardness . The rest of the body of the watch is made of stainless steel , while the strap is made of silicone . In addition, the Lenovo Watch 9 is waterproof up to 50 meters .

launch Lenovo Watch 9 white

As we mentioned, the clock does not have a screen. However, you can connect with your mobile through an exclusive application . Among its smart functions we have the vibration for alarms and notifications, as well as the possibility of taking selfies by shaking the wrist.

But not only that, it can also be used for sports monitoring . It offers step counting, calorie burn tracking and sleep study, among others. Furthermore, the Lenovo Watch 9 can also be used in swimming. Of course, these functions will be limited, since we are not talking about a complex smartwatch.

The Lenovo Watch 9 is compatible with both Android and iOS . Its battery life is no less than 12 months on a single charge .

The watch will be available in black and white , priced at 129 yuan. If we do the conversion, this translates to about 17 euros . The Watch 9 will hit the Chinese market on March 23, but at the moment it has not been announced that it will reach other markets.

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