How to download a Twitter video from your mobile or PC

How to download a Twitter video from your mobile or PC

In the social network of Twitter we not only find witty tweets, GIFs and memes with which to spend the afternoon. We can also find, from time to time, videos that we can download and save on our mobile or computer to watch whenever we want. Of course, we will have to apply the odd trick to be able to download it to our team. Remember, however, that the Twitter videos you download may be copyrighted, so be careful how you use it.

Next we are going to teach you how to download a video from Twitter, first on your computer and, finally, on your Android phone. You will only need a computer, an Android mobile and the official Twitter application. Follow the steps as indicated, helping you in the illustrative screenshots and do not skip any step. It is all very simple to do. We started!

How to download a video from Twitter to your computer

The first thing you have to do is locate the tweet that has the video you want to download hosted. Once you have it located, copy the URL of it. In the following screenshot, marked in red, you have the URL that you must copy.

twitter 01

Now open the Twitter Video Downloader page. Paste the URL in the corresponding box and then click on 'Download' as it appears in the following screenshot.

twitter 2

On the next screen, follow the instructions that appear. To download the video, you will have to click, with the right button of the mouse, where it reads 'Download Video' and then click on ' Save link as .... ' You have two options for download quality, choose the one that suits you best. At the end, you will have your .mp4 video downloaded to your computer.

twitter 3

How to download a video from Twitter to your Android mobile

First of all, as is obvious, you must have the Twitter application that we have available in the Play Store installed on your mobile. Now, we are going to search the application for the tweet that contains the video we want to download. Next to the name of the author of the tweet in question there is a drop-down arrow. Open it and choose the section 'Copy link from tweet'. Now, we are going to go to the Chrome browser and open the following page: On the page we paste the previous link and click on 'Downolad'. On the next screen, we choose the quality at which we want to download the video and we keep pressing 'Download' for a few seconds. A new dialog screen will open where we will have to choose 'Download link'.

Next, if you want to find the video of the downloaded tweet, you must get an application that manages the files you have on your mobile. In general, Android mobiles usually have a file management application pre-installed but, if this is not the case, you can opt for one of the alternatives offered by the Google Play Store application store. A good option would be 'Files by Google', the official Google file management application. This application is free and has a weight of only 12 MB.

In this simple way, you will be able to download a video from Twitter both on your computer and on your Android mobile and have a private collection.