The funniest memes and GIFs of the heat wave in Spain

heat wave

"And the summer? Where is the summer? So there is no one who goes to the beach, but what are we, in spring, or what?" Surely you have a friend or relative who has blurted this out to you over the past two months. And it is that we have been having a most unusual summer, with very few days exceeding, or even reaching forty degrees. There are even those who ventured that summer 'had moved on' and that in November we were going to be on the street in short sleeves and shorts.

Jokes aside, blame it on climate change, guilty, in addition, that generally cold areas such as Finland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden have been hotter than normal. In fact, temperatures have risen to levels that have not been known in history since the temperatures were recorded. Where it was hot no longer and vice versa. But for some, the climate change thing is a tall tale.

Leaving the drama behind, let's take the heat wave a bit with humor . That is why we are going to collect the funniest memes of the heat wave in Spain. And remember, lower the blinds, put a vat of ice in front of the fan, and don't go outside until the sun goes down!

Are you autonomous? Refrigerate your house

Before we have given you a couple of tricks to refresh the atmosphere of your home , if you work from home (well, and if not, too). Lower the blinds in the hours when the sun shines on you, place a container with ice in front of the fan, unplug the appliances you don't need ... or get into the refrigerator with three fans pointing straight at you and connect a probe that goes, directly, from the bottle of water to your mouth, as this funny GIF that accompanies a tweet from the DGT should illustrate.

We started #August with #Heat Wave 🌞. If you are going to drive:

✅ Stay well hydrated🥤💦, heat causes fatigue.

✅ Do not leave children or pets in a parked car.

✅ Don't even think about throwing a cigarette butt on the road 🚭🔥.

More tips: //

- Directorate General Traffic (@DGTes) August 1, 2018

A practical tip?

We have found ourselves puzzled by this display of absurd humor in relation to the heat wave. Is it hotter when you want to go to the toilet? Surely it has happened to you that, after the evacuation, you have started to sweat. Is it true that going to the toilet refreshes? If you wash your face later, yes but… We don't know, it's all very difficult. We share it to avoid heat, as the tweet says.

Share this #meme of luck to not suffer so much heat. #Heatwave #CalorCDMX

- Jonathan López (@huevart) June 3, 2018

Can you live without air conditioning?

Does The Simpsons have air conditioning? According to what is seen in this meme, they have to settle for a sad fan for all members of the family. And it is that Homer does not give money for donuts, beer and, above all, a good air conditioning system. Well, nothing, to turn on the old fan that we keep on top of the closet and see how we spend the summer.

This month edenor breaks my orttt #HeatWave #AlertaAmarilla #Heat #Meme

- Maite (@maitealazar) February 22, 2017

And without a pool? Good are puddles

The downside is that if it's hot the puddles dry up and then let's see where we cool off. In public sources? Before they give you a fine because of us, try to see what public swimming pools offer you have in your city. If there aren't any, go for the gyms, which some offer swimming courses. And if the economy tightens and your city has a river ... Of course, we don't know how clean it will be. And if they can fine you. Would you like to stay home and not push your luck? Better to be in the heat than to pay a fine.

As the baby carrion would say: rope, cacoqie, sevilla, secso and arcohol ... fill it well filled ... #meme #calor

- Andrés Flores (@andrelacho) January 26, 2018

Dogs that melt

Humans are hot. We know this because 1) we are human and 2) we feel the heat. And the animals that populate our cities? Well like us. There are people who are so supportive that they put small pots of water on their windows so that the birds can come and drink, since the shortage of water in these times of haze is notorious. If you see that your dog begins to be one with the ground , it is a sign that he needs a good hose. And if it fits in the bathtub, all the better.

heat wave meme

Our politicians advise

Sonada was Rita Barberá's intervention during the speech that kicked off the Valencia Fallas in 2015. It occurred to her that 'caloret' might sound like heat in Valencian and there she went, with bulletproof security . Today can be a good day to remember the occurrence of the 'caloret'. Then we will say that if our politicians are not aware of the reality in which they live.

heat wave meme 02

Be careful with your parts ... low

We must take care of our lower parts. And in spring, that the blood alters, usually concentrates more heat than normal. Now that a new heat wave is coming, you must bear in mind that the 'ardors' are multiplying exponentially. And if we refer to men, and you want to have offspring ... It is not a matter of going out into the street airing parts, but avoid tight clothing.

heat wave meme 03

Open the window but when there is no sun

An essential trick to keep your home cool without pulling air conditioning is to keep it dark. Yes, as if it were an afternoon in December. Take the opportunity to watch something on TV, take a nap, leave reading for later. Your house must be dark so that it does not hit you, as they say in Andalusia, 'the flame'. And if you want to try to feel 'hell' in skin, take a look at 4 in the afternoon. Although it can happen to you as the protagonist of the following meme.

heat wave meme 04

Open the window (2)

And the previous one, in GIF format . For every taste!

The funniest memes and GIFs of the heat wave in Spain 1

The best advice of all

What is heat but a state of mind ? Something that is within us and we can control with the power of the mind? Ok, maybe we are fantasizing a bit, but sure, sure, that if you try to relax and not think too much about the heat, you will have a much better time.

heat wave meme 05