Shout Estefanía: this is the new viral of Instagram and Twitter

Shout Estefanía: this is the new viral of Instagram and Twitter 1

January 24. First hour in the morning. Media Spain has risen with thousands of videos on Twitter and Instagram of people shouting 'Estefanía' in public places. If you are one of those affected and you do not understand the latest viral meme, it is because you probably do not know about the existence of The Island of Temptations, the latest Telecinco reality show that arrives stronger than ever. What is the meaning of Estefanía? Most importantly, why is everyone yelling it?

Estefanía: what does the latest viral of The Island of Temptations mean

During the early hours of yesterday, one of the most viral television moments in recent years took place. Guilty? Christofer, a contestant on the popular Telecinco program, who uttered the famous word after watching a video of his partner for more than seven years committing an infidelity with a third party.

MOMENTAZO 2020 # LaIslaDeLasTentaciones5

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Video of Christofer, contestant on The Island of Temptations, shouting Estefanía on Telecinco.

As seen in the original recording, the contestant breaks down in tears after seeing his partner in bed with another man. Later, Christofer  flees in terror, shouting the name of Estefanía (Fani in the program) after Mónica Naranjo's introduction.

My neighborhood is the best # LaIslaDeLasTentaciones5

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"The tragedy" Oil on canvas, 2020 # LaIslaDeLasTentaciones5

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Just a few minutes later the memes did not take long to arrive with the hashtag #EstefaniaChallenge. Twitter began to fill with videos with people screaming Estefanía in their homes . Others have limited themselves to shouting the famous word in the middle of public furniture or in public transport in one of the largest cities in Spain.

The memes have also been primed with Mónica Naranjo, the popular singer of Catalan origin, who has been criticized on multiple occasions for participating in the program.