8 alternative streaming platforms to Netflix and HBO

8 alternative streaming platforms to Netflix and HBO

Video on Demand services have already landed en masse. Thanks to their varied offer of  audiovisual content for a very affordable fixed monthly fee , these platforms are becoming increasingly popular. It is not surprising that, in addition to the proposals that are already firmly established, new competitors arrive to claim their share of the pie.

HBO and Netflix  are undoubtedly the best known today, but there are others just as interesting, some even free, which are a great alternative for those who want to explore other options. That is why we have made this list with the  most outstanding video streaming platforms on the Spanish scene, beyond the two main protagonists.

Below, you can find our selection with  basic information about 8  alternative streaming services  so that you can decide yourself which is the best option for you. Hit play.

The ones that are settled

amazon prime

Amazon Prime Video

The offer of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video is not exactly short . In addition to our own quality productions under the Prime Originals label, such as  The man in the High CastleJack Ryan or  Red Oaks , third-party content is added on a very regular basis.

The subscription model has a first month trial, after which you can access the monthly plan or the Prime subscription, but with the option of reserving the  full Prime package for a whole year for 36 euros . This annual subscription makes Amazon Prime Video the cheapest alternative of this entire list with a fee that is quite affordable in Spain. Of course, if you are already an Amazon Prime customer, you can also access the contents of the streaming service simply by identifying yourself with your user account.

For the rest, the platform allows you to watch videos in SD, HD, 4K and HDR quality with subtitles or in the original version. It also has an application for iOS and Android, Fire tablets, as well as for modern consoles or Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes or the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Rakuten TV - Rakuten Wuaki

What was previously known as Wuaki, is now Rakuten, a streaming service with content for all ages, which can be enjoyed in two different ways: buy / rent movies (Rakuten TV) or monthly subscription (Rakuten Wuaki).

On the one hand, Rakuten TV is a platform focused on offering movies exclusively, with a fairly complete list and with different genres. By buying or renting the specific movie you want to consume, you will have access to those titles that have just been released, among many others.

Now, if you decide on a monthly subscription with a fixed fee, Rakuten Wuaki allows you to enjoy a selection of movies and series of all genres that grows every month .


Loves TV

LovesTv is a free streaming platform powered by Atresmedia, MST and RTVE . Wait, free? Yes, you read it right. It is an open project, which hopes to have in the not too distant future the rest of the main channels in Spain, both state and regional; and that will group all its content from series and programs.

It is already available in much of Spain, but you will need a TV compatible with HbbTV technology , available in almost all Smart TVs with an Internet connection of the last 4 years.



Sky is a streaming service that brings together the content of the main pay channels of other audiovisual groups such as AXN, Fox, LaLiga, National Geographic, MTV, TNT, up to a total of 16 . However, they continue to eventually add more channels, series and movies to their catalog. In addition, it broadcasts the Gomorrah series exclusively.

However, with the acquisition of Fox by Disney and the latter's plans to compete in the streaming market with its own service, it is not very clear what will happen to Sky . At least in the medium-long term since Disney would own a large part of Sky's current content offering.



Although it may not seem like it, Filmin has been with us for a while. The platform was launched back in 2007 and since then it has built a reputation as a platform for true moviegoers and series fans. Among its almost  10,000 titles  we find more or less topical films and documentaries of all kinds.

The catalog can be accessed by paying a monthly or one-year subscription, in two modes each: basic and plus .

The ones that are to come

disney +

Disney +

Recently confirmed the purchase of 21st Century  Fox by Disney, the mouse company is preparing to launch its own Disney + streaming platform on the US market next November of this year.

It will focus on film and television content from Walt Disney Studios, which also involves content based on the Marvel universe and Star Wars, as well as the recently acquired IPs from the Fox production company (Alien, Avatar, The Simpsons, Ice Age, Rio , Planet of the Apes).

Regarding the price, they have already indicated that there will be two subscriptions, a monthly one that will cost $ 7 or annually for $ 70 , much less than Netflix. Its price in euros is expected to be around the same amounts. It will be released on November 12 in the United States.


Apple TV +

We recently learned that those from Cupertino are preparing their own streaming platform under the name of Apple TV +. To do this, the company has surrounded itself with well-known faces from the Hollywood scene such as Steven Spielberg or M. Night Shyamalan, who supposedly would generate their own content for the platform .

Beyond that, they have not confirmed series or films, although initially it would arrive in the fall of this year . We will have to keep track.

The ones that have left us



We wanted to close this special, with a platform whose proposal seemed very interesting to us but which unfortunately did not find the approval of the public .

We are talking about Filmstruck, the Time Warner Turner International and Warner Bros platform that landed in Spain last summer with 200 titles under its belt. His offer stood out from the general content of the competition to bet on classic, independent, cult and author cinema beyond the borders of Hollywood and current blockbusters.