Where to buy Ksi Merito, the Tamagotchi heir that is sweeping the net

Where to buy Ksi Merito, the Tamagotchi heir that is sweeping the net

If you have sons and daughters at home, it is very likely that you have heard about this toy. It is about Ksi Merito , a doll that is sowing both successes and controversies. Not surprisingly, it is a small figurine, which costs almost 50 euros and requires endless care upon payment.

As you read it. If Ksi Merito falls ill, unlike the dolls of a lifetime, the children will not be able to cure him in their symbolic play process. No way. What the children have to do is take Ksi Merito to a special nurse, who will be in charge of prescribing medicine, drops and ointments to cure the bug. All this with payment, of course. Hence, many parents are outraged with the pet in question.

Others, however, seem delighted. Because in Spain thousands and thousands of units of the doll have been sold. If you too have fallen into the spider web of Ksi Merito, today we tell you how and where to buy, both the doll and all the accessories that accompany it and that make its survival possible .

Where to buy Ksi Merito, the Tamagotchi heir that is sweeping the net

Where to buy Ksi Merito

You may have to hurry a bit to get Ksi Merito before 24 hours, especially if you want to receive the gift before Reyes. One option is to directly access the official store of the Ksi Meritos in Spain. But let's see exactly what these specimens are. They are called Ksi Meritos or even casimeritos and they are small dolls, signed by the Distroller house, recommended for boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old.

When they get home they can't be unpacked. But why? Well, because these dolls emulate newborn babies, still with an umbilical cord. They come in an incubator, so they can't be taken out of the box for a few days. When opening the box, what users will find will be the birth certificate, the vaccination record and some accessories.

There are different models, which are distinguished by the colors , but also by some of their own characteristics. The nurse Tania is the one in charge of proposing the care of the children and from there, not only the fever of Ksi Merito will begin, but also that of consumption. Because to cure the doll you will have to acquire accessories.

We have also found different Ksi Merito models in El Corte Inglés. In all cases, the price of the doll amounts to 45 euros . Then get ready to buy all the accessories that are necessary.

The nightmare of the sick Ksi Meritos

The matter of the Ksi Meritos does not end with the comparison of the bug. In fact, there are people - even older ones - obsessed with the fictional diseases of these dolls. Up here you have a video that will probably stump you. If in spite of that you decide to get into the world of Ksi Meritos , you should know that both in El Corte Inglés, as in the official Ksi Meritos store in Spain or on Amazon you will find all kinds of medicines and treatments recommended by nurse Tania .

You will see that accessory packages are prohibitively priced. Hence, the Ksi Meritos are nothing more than a true ode to consumerism. You have milk, porridge, eye drops or vitamins for more affordable amounts, but if you finally decide to buy a bed, a gym or a dental chair, you will probably end up spending more than a hundred euros . As you read it.

You have it all in a store called La Butik, in this online establishment dedicated exclusively to the Ksi Meritos or directly on Amazon.