What do the return messages mean for Income 2019?


The returns of the 2019 Income have been streamlined to the maximum . In fact, the first ones were issued as of April 3, just two days after the deadline to present them began. In principle, the verification process and the income will be quick, so that in the current health emergency context, taxpayers can have the money as soon as possible. If the declaration has been returned to them, like 70% of the citizens who present it.

But what if the thing is delayed? Well, in principle you should know that the return of a return that has been returned can be delayed for a couple of reasons, simplifying a lot:

  1. Because there is some information that does not match what the Tax Agency has in its possession, especially if it is about declaring less than what is stated.
  2. Because the statement that has been entered has done so for a fairly high amount. The limit figure is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. In those cases, the Treasury usually looks at the statement with a little more magnifying glass, in case any fringe escapes.


Check your return online

Currently all procedures are done online. The verification of the return of the income statement 2019 was not going to be less. You can do it through the app of the Tax Agency or through the web. All you will need is the reference number that you used to make the declaration. If you have questions about how to check the return online, here are the instructions.

When you check the status of the return you will see some messages appear. They are standard messages that the Tax Agency issues as the return is being verified and that can give clues about the moment when the refund will be entered. This is what they mean.


Meaning of the 2019 income return messages

These are the messages that may appear when you check the status of your return.

  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process. Check the amount. If you access the website of the Tax Agency and this message appears, worry. It means that there is something that you have done wrong and, therefore, you must correct it. Because the declaration will not appear as duly filed and you run the risk that the terms expire. If you have any questions or do not know how to solve what is happening yourself, it would be better to get in touch with a manager or someone who can help you. Remember that, for the moment, the return cannot be physically presented at the Tax Agency offices.
  • Your declaration is being processed . This is the message that will appear as soon as you present the return if everything is in order and you have not made any mistake during the process. The declaration is made, but no technician from the Tax Agency has reviewed it yet.
  • Your statement is being verified . Your declaration has already entered the chain of checks. An employee of the Treasury has already started with the checks. It is a matter of days that everything is rolled until the return. If there is a problem, you will receive a notification.
  • Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating it, according to the refund requested by you . Everything solved. The statement has been reviewed and the Tax Agency technician has considered that everything is in order and that, therefore, your statement must be issued.
  • Your return has been issued on day X / X / XXXX; If in 10 days you have not received the amount, go to the delegation / administration of the Tax Agency corresponding to your tax address . Your return has already gone to accounting and it is a matter of hours or days before you receive the money in your account. It will arrive at the bank account that you indicated at the time of filing the return. The process will be over.