How to use and set up an Android tablet for the first time

Configure Android tablet

When we have in our hands for the first time a tablet with the Android operating system , the first thing we must do is configure it correctly to begin to enjoy all the advantages of the technology of today's tablets. This configuration process does not normally offer too many difficulties, but even so in this article we will show you step by step all the processes that you must carry out when you turn on your brand new tablet for the first time.

Before starting the tutorial we have to make sure that we meet the following list of requirements:

  • Have the tablet turned on and with the battery charged .
  • Have an Internet connection (don't worry, if you don't know how to activate a wireless connection on your tablet, we will also explain it below).
  • Have an email account in Gmail (the account can be created for free from ).
  • And in principle those are all the necessary requirements as to start with the following tutorial.

How to configure the Internet connection of an Android tablet

Set up tablet with Android

  1. First we will have to activate the Internet connection of our tablet to be able to configure it correctly. To do this, once we have turned on the tablet, we must note that at the top of the screen (or in some cases at the bottom) icons such as the battery charge or even the time appear on the right . If we press our finger on this bar (for example in the center of the bar) we will see that we can slide it up and down.
  2. To activate the connection to a WiFi network (that is, the connection of our router) we simply have to click on the icon that has the name " WiFi ". Now a configuration menu will open in which we must select our WiFi network and then enter the router password (we can find it under the device of the Internet company that we have at home). In the event that we want to activate a 3G connection (that is, an Internet connection for mobile phones ) we will have to make sure that our tablet is compatible with this option and, after having previously inserted the SIM cardInside the tablet, we will have to carry out the same steps that we have explained in the case of the WiFi connection, with the difference that this time we will click on the " Data " icon .

How to set up an Android tablet for the first time

Set up tablet with Android

Once we have our tablet connected to the wireless Internet network , now we simply have to follow these steps to leave the tablet one hundred percent configured and ready to be used for a long time.

Set up tablet with Android

  1. First we have to understand the function of each of the buttons that the tablet incorporates. The " Home " button, that is, " Home ", will help us to return directly to the main screen of the tablet and usually has the shape of a house. The " Go Back " button is used precisely for what its name indicates, to go back in the navigation of the tablet (see return to the page previously viewed in the browser, for example). This button looks like an arrow facing left. On tablets with Android 4.0 or higher we will also find the multitasking button(It has the icon of two rectangles, one behind the other), which will help us see all the applications that are running in the background in order to close them in case they were overloading the performance of the tablet.
  2. Once we have understood the function of each of the buttons, we must go to the list of applications on the tablet (generally this action is done by clicking on a circular or square button with several squares inside located on the main screen) and there select the " Play Store " application. When opening the application, we will be asked to configure our Gmail account -unless we have already done so when we turn on the tablet-, and with this configuration we will have full access to an infinite list of applications on Android .
  3. If what we want is to know the version of Android that our tablet is running, we will simply have to go to the Settings menu (an icon with a gear) and look for the option " About the tablet ".
  4. From here, we can only start to learn little by little to use all the applications available on the tablet. We must remember that if we want to make any configuration we have two options: the first is to access the notification bar, and the second would be to enter the Settings application located in the list of programs on the tablet.