8 websites with recipes and tips for the Mambo Cecotec kitchen robot

cecotec 2020 mambo recipes

Cecotec's Mambo series makes up the current range of kitchen robots of the Spanish brand. There are currently two models within this range, the Mambo 8090 and the Mambo 9090 . Beyond the technical differences between models, the truth is that the number of existing recipes is the same in both versions, as they have an identical design and processing system. For this reason we have compiled several web pages with recipes and tips for the Cecotec Mambo series.

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Cecotec cookbook

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Probably the best recipe page for the Mambo 8090 and Mambo 9090. The manufacturer's official website contains more than 66 pages with dozens of recipes adapted to the Spanish brand's kitchen robots.

In addition to having a fairly precise explanation, the recipes are adapted according to the needs and tastes of the diners. Gluten-free recipes, for vegetarians, for children ... It also has different sections depending on the type of food. Desserts, pasta and rice, fish, meat, drinks, creams, soups, sauces and a long etcetera.

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8 websites with recipes and tips for the Mambo Cecotec 1 kitchen robot

The yococino.org website is known for having hundreds of recipes for the Thermomix. Since the popularization of the Cecotec robot, the website has adapted Thermomix recipes for the Mambo 8090 and the Mambo 9090 . In fact, today it has dozens of recipes for the latter two, with a detailed explanation that is also accompanied by photographs to document the process.

The good thing is that all the recipes are arranged in alphabetical order for easy searching . We can also filter the results depending on the type of preparation: meats, salads, fish ...

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Between Delights

It is a web dedicated exclusively to the Cecotec kitchen robot. Currently accumulates more than 190 recipes, all of them documented in detail with images and photographs taken by the website itself. Like the rest of the pages, it has recipes adapted to all kinds of dishes: poultry and meat, starters, legumes and vegetables, pasta and rice, fish and seafood, desserts and sweets ...

In this aspect, it is one of the most complete websites that we can currently find for Cecotec Mambo.

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Cooking with Mambo

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This website in the form of a blog comes as a collective platform in which different users contribute their grain of sand in the form of a recipe. By its very nature, it does not have a very high number of recipes, but most of the preparations are accompanied by tips to make the recipes as efficiently as possible. The good thing is that all the recipes are segmented based on the type of food.

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The online recipe platform par excellence. Today, the social network has more than 480 recipes adapted to the Mambo 8090 and 9090, just do a simple search within the application to find all the preparations adapted to the Cocotec robot.

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Within the platform we can also find recipes for other kitchen robots , which we can adapt later if we replace the instructions with the corresponding steps.

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Skipping the diet

Better known for her YouTube channel, jumping the diet is the name that makes this website run by Sandra, its creator, fame. With more than 92,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, the trans author screens all her videos to text on the web to give much more precision to the elaborations . The good thing is that all the recipes on the web are accompanied by videos from the channel itself. In this way, the recipes are much more complete and easy to follow. It also has recipes for other kitchen robots that can also be extrapolated to the Cecotec robot.

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Cooking with Mambo

It is not a regular website, but a private Facebook user community that also has a YouTube channel. To access the community we will have to request access from the site administrator and respect the rules of coexistence . Inside we can find a multitude of recipes published by the creator herself, as well as by the rest of the users of the community. In case of not being accepted, we can always use the YouTube channel with the same name.

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Cecomix and Mambo

This is the official Facebook group of the Cecotec kitchen robot. The main difference with respect to Cocina con Mambo is that the group is public, so we can see the content without any type of limit . Within the group we can find recipes published by Cecotec's own website, as well as by the users themselves, who usually publish photographs of the production process with detailed explanations and instructions.

As it is the official robot group, the brand tends to carry out raffles for products compatible with the Cecotec Mambo .

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Mambo Robot

This blog brings together a total of 101 recipes for the Cecotec Mambo kitchen robot. It is not the most complete page of all, since the explanations are quite brief and the elaborations lack photographs. To this we must add that the page has a lot of inserted advertising and affiliate links .

Curiously, it is one of the most visited pages by robot users, probably due to the number of recipes on the web. It also has a page dedicated solely and exclusively to cleaning the robot . It also has an index that collects several of the most common errors of the Cecotec robot.

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