What is and what is the new function you were waiting for in Gmail for?

What is and what is the new function you were waiting for in Gmail for?

There are times when we would have liked to attach, in addition to text files or images, other emails related to the one we are sending. For example, there are situations in our work in which we have to share other messages, other dialogues related to the topic in question and right now, doing it seems a bit difficult. To do this, the emails must be resent and, if there are more than one, the operation must be repeated. In short, a can.

Now, finally, we will be able to forward Gmail messages within another , as if it were a matryoshka. The operation to carry out this new function is very simple. When we are writing our new email, we minimize the screen to reveal the Gmail content panel (where all our stored emails appear) and we will only have to drag the email to the body of the new email that we are writing. We can also attach all the emails we want, without limit.

In the following animation we can see how an email is attached within another, you will realize that the procedure is really easy.


This new Gmail function is just released and has only reached certain users , so if you can't attach the emails to your new message when you try it, don't despair ... it will soon reach the whole world and you can start using it. You will know if you have it, in addition to being able to drag the emails to a new one, because a three-point menu appears in each email. Well, if you click on the three-point menu, the option 'Send as attachment' should appear. If it doesn't appear, you'll have to wait for Google to update it for you.

For now, and until the new function of Gmail to attach emails as an attachment reaches all users, you can investigate through the new Gmail interface that arrived relatively recently in our lives. In this way, you can launch a new Gmail, with designs that increase our productivity. And you can also take a look at these gmail tricks so that you can get the most out of Google's email service.