How to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile

The official Twitter application itself allows two or more user accounts to be kept active . In this way, it is possible to manage several profiles from the same mobile, without the need to use unofficial applications or services.

All you have to do is log in regularly. After completing the user verification process, it is now possible to see all the tweets or messages of the accounts that are followed. So far nothing new.

The key is in the button that displays the options menu, on the top left, where you can find the Accounts section . In it, all those that the user keeps active are listed. Here it is possible to add a second account if it has already been created previously by clicking on the Add existing account option. If you do not have a second account, it is always possible to create one from scratch with the Create new account option.

To create a new account, the first thing to do is give the name of the user who will back it up. Then you have to register a phone number and enter a confirmation code that arrives via SMS. The next step is to provide a valid password and email address. Finally, it only remains to find a username that is not already in use, this being, in many cases, the most difficult.

All other configuration steps are optional. With them it is possible to specify the user's interests to receive suggestions of accounts to follow such as media, journalists, brands, etc. The option to choose a public profile photo closes this process.

With this, the second Twitter account is activated and available to use. Now you just have to go back to the drop-down menu and click on Accounts to switch between one and the other instantly. With this, all notifications and interactions are available without the need to use other unofficial applications.

In addition, the Twitter application alerts the user of all notifications received on all active accounts . All this using GIFs and any usual resource of the application that you want. The good thing is that it is not necessary to change accounts to see all the alerts on the mobile . The application identifies and separates the interactions of each account on the notification screen.

It is also possible to get rid of the account created by logging out from the Settings menu. Of course, logging out does not delete the account , it only makes it disappear from the application.

how to use two twitter accounts on the same mobile