Why can't I upload photos to Instagram and Facebook?

Why can't I upload photos to Instagram and Facebook?

Don't worry, it's not your problem. Or at least that's what it seems if we look at other social networks that are up and running as they should. And is that after trying to upload a photo on Instagram or publish a snapshot on Facebook, with a fatal outcome, we have been able to verify on Twitter that the problem is not just ours. Users of Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp, are being affected by some type of error related to the servers of these social networks. In other words: there is some kind of failure that is affecting the services and applications. And at the moment there is nothing to do.

But we have also double confirmed this error thanks to pages like Downdetector , with which we can track the reports of thousands of users around the world. A service that serves to verify that, obviously, Instagram and Facebook are failing when it comes to managing our images, publications and even stories. According to the website, the problems began to be visible to users around 3:00 p.m. Moment when the reporting indicator has triggered. It is clear, then, that the ruling is majority and that, in this regard, there is nothing we can do other than wait.

No photos to share

Apparently, the bug is affecting thousands of users globally. This leaves us a clue about the origin of the failure: the Facebook servers . Do not forget that both WhatsApp and Instagram are Facebook companies and services, and they seem to share structure. In fact, it is not the first time that all these services have been dropped at once.

Instagram and Facebook fail

This time the failure seems to be related to the photos and videos shared on Instagram and Facebook (also on WhatsApp). In this way, users who, between 3 pm and 5 pm, have tried to publish a photo, have encountered a problem in these services. But not only that. It also seems that other sections such as Instagram Direct, where you can chat and share images, have been affected. As we have been able to verify, the groups and chats have not allowed publishing images during these hours. And the same happens with the social network Facebook.

Just wait

On this occasion, and after verifying that the problems come from the Facebook servers, nothing more can be done. Neither restart the mobile or the computer, nor reinstall these applications. Not even restart the router if we are connected to a WiFi network. We can only arm ourselves with patience and wait for Facebook to fix the mess on their servers . Something that shouldn't take too long.


At 5:30 p.m. it seems that the error has been corrected. Facebook has not officially confirmed the fall or the solution for it. However, the services seem to work normally again, allowing the sharing and posting of photos and videos. The solution may be phased out to all users over the next few minutes .