Dates and where to watch this year's Champions online

Dates and where to watch this year's Champions online

The Champions League is back. The great European tournament returns in the most exceptional conditions we have ever experienced. And, taking into account that the Eurocup has been postponed until next year, it will be the great attraction for football lovers this summer. Because even if your team is not in the competition, the Champions League has something that always attracts the eyes of lovers of the so-called beautiful game. That is why we are going to tell you when it starts, what it consists of and how to watch the 2020 Champions League final phase online .

Dates of the final phase of the Champions League 2020

It will begin this weekend with the second leg of the round of 16 that were suspended after the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, on Friday August 7 at 9:00 p.m. Juventus - Lyon and Manchester City - Real Madrid will be played. On the other hand, on Saturday August 8 , also at 9:00 p.m., the other two qualifiers will be resolved, with a Barcelona - Naples at the Camp Nou and a Bayern Munich - Chelsea that is practically resolved after the 0-3 of the Going.

The four teams that pass these qualifying rounds will join the four that had already been classified since March (Atalanta, PSG, Atlético and Leipzig) to play a final phase that will be played in Lisbon with a single match format , very similar to the one we see in the worlds. The eight teams will play the quarterfinals, the semis and the final in the strangest Champions League in memory.

On August 12 at 9:00 p.m. Atalanta - PSG will be played, while on Thursday, August 13, Atlético de Madrid will play a Champions League match again to face Nagelsmann's Leipzig. On Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15, the matches corresponding to the qualifying rounds that have yet to be defined will be played. Once the quarterfinals are over, let us remember, in a single match, the semifinals will be played, dated for August 18. The grand final will be on Sunday, August 23 .

Where to watch the Champions League final phase online

where to watch the Champions online

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Although we have had a break of several months, the Champions League that will be played this summer is part of the 2019-2020 season. In other words, the television rights for this second part of the competition are still held by the same operators.

In the case of Spain, the Champions League can be seen through Movistar, Orange, Jazztel and MiTele Plus . In other words, like last year, there is no open game. So if you want to see the Champions League, legally, you will have no choice but to go through the box.

The television rights of the Champions League for the 19-20 season are owned by Movistar, so we can go to their television offer to see what remains of the competition. If we have contracted the corresponding package, we can watch the matches online through the Movistar + platform .

Orange also wanted its customers to see the Champions League this year, so it reached an agreement with Movistar for the transfer of broadcasting rights. In fact, Orange's channels are exactly the same as Movistar's. And if what we want is to see it online and we are clients of the French operator, we will have to resort to the Orange TV application .

where to see the Champions MiTele offer

The last option is to go to MiTele Plus . Mediaset surprised everyone this season by acquiring the rights to broadcast the Champions League matches through its MiTele application. The good news is that, unlike what happens with the rest of the options, if we opt for MiTele Plus we will not need any convergent Internet, telephone and television rates.

In fact, Mediaset has launched a special promotion for which we can see the end of this atypical Champions League. The platform offers us the possibility of making a single payment of 45 euros and having access to the entire Champions League and the Europa League until the end of August. Or, it is possible to make a payment of 50 euros and have it until the end of the year. Both options also include the MiTele Plus Basic package.

Finally, tell you that if you want to watch the Champions League but you do not live in Spain, on the UEFA website you can see a list of the operators that broadcast the competition in each country.