How to set up Gmail notifications on the Windows desktop

How to set up Gmail notifications on the Windows desktop

Are you one of those who use Gmail for almost everything? If you tend to keep an eye on email, both for your personal and work matters, you might want to turn on desktop notifications in Windows.

We receive them for almost everything: updates, WhatsApp web, Slack… so a few more alerts will not be a problem. Especially if you need to be aware and respond as soon as possible to emails from your collaborators or clients.

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Set up desktop notifications for Gmail step by step

Setting notifications to appear on your Windows desktop is very simple. Simply follow these steps and you will have it configured. 

1. Access your Gmail. You will have to enter your username and password , if you did not have them entered before. Although if you are on your computer (which is where we recommend activating notifications), you have probably already logged in. Let's keep going.

2. Go to the Settings section . It is as easy to access as clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the page. Click again on the Settings option.

3. Scroll to the bottom of this section until you find a section that reads Desktop Notifications . From here you will get Gmail to show pop-up notifications on the desktop when you receive emails.

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4. Click on the link Click here if you want to enable desktop notifications for Gmail . A pop-up window will appear from which Google ( will ask you to show notifications. All you have to do is hit the Allow button.

5. In principle you do not have to do anything else, but before going with the music elsewhere, we recommend you take a look at this option. It is about choosing the notifications you receive according to the type of email that reaches your mailbox. You can select to receive notifications of all the mail that reaches you Main (this means that you will not receive notifications when you receive advertising, notifications or messages from social networks)

You can also choose to only skip notifications for important emails . This means that you will receive messages depending on the criteria of Gmail itself (unless you have made some extra indication). Before exiting, click Save changes just in case.

From now on you should receive notifications on your desktop every time a new email arrives .