How to make a return on Amazon

How to make a return on Amazon

We are not always satisfied with the purchases we make. We buy a product and, after a short time, we see that it does not meet expectations. Or, for example, as soon as we receive it we see that it is defective. The packaging may not be adequate. Even that the product does not include instructions in Spanish and we are a little lost. It is as easy to buy a product on Amazon as it is to make a purchase return. So we are going to show you how to do it, step by step. How to make a return on Amazon is very simple.

Before returning to Amazon: to consider

Before we advise you, of course, to take a look at the conditions of return of purchase on Amazon. If you don't have much time for it, we are going to summarize in a brief way the most important points to keep in mind.

You can return any product purchased from Amazon if you are not satisfied with the purchase up to a maximum of 30 days from the purchase of the article.

Amazon distinguishes two types of returns. On the one hand, those that are made because you simply do not want the item (that is, the purchase is your responsibility). On the other hand, those you do because the item is defective / has a problem. In the first case, you must pay 3 euros for the return of the package . If you think about it, it is logical that Amazon does not take charge of this concept, since the only person responsible for the return of the item is you. It works well, the packaging was adequate, the instructions were in Spanish, it has not been bought by mistake, or the same one twice ... In case of simply not wanting the item, 3 euros will be deducted from the same amount. Of course, if you prefer that the Post Office go to your house to get it, the service will cost 5.50 euros.

return process in amazon 1

If, on the contrary, the return of the item is requested due to an Amazon error, be it improper packaging, damaged product, delay in shipping, error in the product, etc., the store bears the shipping costs. Both taking it to the Post Office and requesting that they come to pick it up at home will be completely free for the user. Obviously, Amazon expects you to be honest about the reasons for returning the product, so we advise you not to lie in this area. Amazon may cancel or ban accounts if its return policy is misused.

return process in amazon 2

There are, however, products that you can return regardless of the reason for return. This will be done at no cost. The products we refer to are shoes, clothing and accessories . All products must be returned in the original condition in which they were received. New, unused and complete.

Return on Amazon: How to do it without a headache

Returning a product on Amazon is as simple as buying it. Just follow the steps that we indicate below and you will see how in a second you have everything solved.

First, you must enter your account on the Amazon page. Simply enter your username and password. If you don't remember it, ask the system to reset your password and choose one that is easier to remember next time.

Once inside the Amazon page, at the top, you will see your account menu. There are four large sections that are just below the personalized greeting on the page. We see it in more detail in the following screenshot.

return process in amazon 3

As we can see, we have the 'Account and lists' section, 'Orders', 'My prime' and the 'Shopping basket'. As you may have guessed, we have to enter the 'Orders' section, although there is also another way to enter the order list. Simply hover your mouse over 'Account and lists' and only one drop-down will open. Enter 'Orders'.

return process in amazon 4

On this page you can see all the orders you have made on Amazon in the last few months. Here you will find everything: from physical products to mobile applications. Simply, find the item you want to return from among all those you ordered. In this case, we are going to simulate that we are returning a roller to remove pet hair.

In the following screenshot we see all the options that are given to us about an order already made.

return process in amazon 5

Here you will have to choose, obviously, the option 'Return product'. Remember that you must enter within the term for the return, which is one month from the purchase of the item. Now we see all the recent products that you have returned (in your case, we assume that none, or you would not be seeing this special). This is where you will have to put the reasons why you want to return the product. For any questions, read the previous point.

return process in amazon 6

Once we have described the reason for the return and the system by which we want to return it (deliver to the Post Office or Celéritas, or home collection), we have to select how we want said return. If we plan to make another purchase soon and do not need the cash, we may request that it be given to us in an Amazon discount check. If we want the money, it will be delivered to us on the card on which we made the purchase.

return process in amazon 7

Now, we have to print the return labels and stick them on the package. Simply select print and a Windows pop-up window will open to proceed with printing the cards. So easy and comfortable. If you chose to have the product collected, a post office official will call you and you will make an appointment. If you chose to take it to the Post Office, we advise you to do it as soon as possible to avoid forgetfulness and confusion.

return process in amazon 8

In the event that you want to cancel a return in process, simply enter the order again and choose the option 'See return / refund status'. Inside, you can choose 'Cancel return'.

return process in amazon 10

As you may have seen, making a return on Amazon is very simple. Although we hope you never need to use it!