▷ Beware of the number 912041600: it is a spam call

912 04 16 00 who is it

Since the last few weeks there have not been precisely a few users who have reported calls from the number 912041600. If we attend the prefix 912 that precedes the telephone, the origin of the call takes us to the Community of Madrid. As it is a national number without a payment prefix, the doubt lies in the origin of the phone. From today we confirm that it is a spam number . But who is hiding behind it?

Call from 912041600, who is it?

"I have four missed calls from 912 041 600 and I don't know who it is", "He called me six times this weekend and I don't know how to block the calls" and "I pick up the phone and nobody answers on the other end" are some the most repeated testimonies Twitter and Facebook in relation to calls from the number 912 04 16 00. Its authorship, as claimed by several users, corresponds to the operator Lowi , a company that drinks from the Vodafone group.

Beware of the number 912041600: it is a spam call 1

The purpose of the call is nothing more than to offer "personalized" plans and offers in order to transfer the main Internet and mobile lines to Lowi. The reason why the operator is sometimes silent is due, as we have learned, to the system used in the commercial services of the operators makes calls automatically until someone answers the call. This is when a free operator attends to the person behind the phone only in the case of free operators.

How to block calls from 912 04 16 00 and other spam numbers

If we want to block calls from this specific number, the most recommended option is to register on the Vodafone commercial cancellation page, where we can register our phone numbers to stop receiving calls from Vodafone and Lowi .

912041600 call

Once inside the platform, we will only have to indicate an email address and enter a list with all the numbers where we want to stop receiving commercial notices to stop telephone harassment by the company. Unfortunately the effectiveness of this method is not immediate , which is why we are forced to resort to external applications.

Two of the most popular applications on Android and iOS are Mr. Number in the case of iOS and True Caller in the case of Android. When we have installed one of the two applications, we will only have to add the number in question to the platform's black list and activate the call filter to block any call issued from 912041600.

Another option is to resort to the options that some layers of customization offer, such as Huawei or Samsung. The process to follow is the same as we have just explained, except that in this case we will have to go to the Phone or Calls application of the terminal.

Beware of the number 912041600: it is a spam call 2

How can we proceed if we have a basic mobile phone or a landline phone? The only security measure that we can take is based on signing up for the Robinson List, a platform managed by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy that forces all companies to suspend making calls of an advertising nature .

912041600 who is it

Registering our personal data and our associated telephone numbers is the only thing we will have to do to stop receiving commercial notifications in the form of a telephone call. The application period, however, is one to two months. At the third month we will be able to communicate to the responsible company that we are registered on the Robinson List to stop receiving calls .