7 tips to avoid scams on Wallapop and Vibbo


Sales over the Internet have been increasing year after year, so scammers have seen a great opportunity to take advantage of this. At second-hand companies like Wallapop and Vibbo, there are a lot of scams that can be avoided with a little caution . After the year there are hundreds of users who fall for these deceptions, so that you do not end up being one of them we offer you these tips.

Although Wallapop and Vibbo are well-known and well-known product buying and selling companies, we are not therefore safe from any kind of deception. It is necessary to be informed and use common sense to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Online reputation

One of the advantages that Wallapop and Vibbo have is that they allow you to evaluate each transaction that is made. Through comments and stars, users report on how their experience has been either as a buyer or seller. The goal is to improve user experience, security and trust in the platform. If you are new, you will have to earn a reputation with the deals you make. Spend time investigating the ratings and comments of the users with whom you are going to do the negotiation, this can avoid bad experiences.

2. Pay through the platform or in person

This is a point of sale in which you must take special care. Don't trust sellers who only accept wire transfers and don't want to meet in person . Nor in those who tell you that they reside abroad. It is not advisable to do deals with users outside of Spain, unless they give you a lot of confidence.

Avoid transactions through Bidpay, Western Union or Moneygram, because these types of payment do not guarantee transfers with strangers. Do not send money as an advance or as a signal , the seller could disappear and keep the money. It is best to meet in person, see the product and inspect it well, to see that it really fits the description of the ad. Once verified, make the payment. In no case is it advisable to make payments that are not in person or are made outside the platform.

pay in person at Wallapop and Vibbo

3. Take a good look at the descriptions

Keep in mind that scammers are experts at masking information. To avoid any deception you must look very well and carefully read the description of the product that interests you. If there is something that you have overlooked, there will be no going back once you have made the purchase. A good idea, in case they want to deceive you despite having seen the description correctly, is to take screenshots of the images and product information. This way you will have proof of what you really saw when you bought it.

4. Detect fake ads

There are advertisements that promise negotiations that can be very attractive to the buyer . If you do not want to be upset by falling into one of these deceptions, these are some of the details that you should attend to.

Be suspicious if:

  • In the description the user indicates “I only answer by e-mail”.
  • The price is very striking and excessively cheap.
  • There is a foreign phone or email in the ad text.
  • It is clear from the grammar and spelling mistakes that the text could have been translated.
  • The seller or buyer resides abroad.

5. Attention to impersonations

Wallapop and Vibbo do not send messages with links, neither to mediate a transaction, nor to send you offers that offer you to position your ads for free. Any such message is an impersonation to steal your data and scam you . Everything you do regarding your personal data, do it within the application or platform itself.

Scams on Wallapop and Vibbo

6. Try to have prior contact with the person

It is very important to avoid scams in Wallapop and Vibbo that before making the transaction you know a little about it. To be able to talk and get to know the person with whom you are going to negotiate the product better , you can find a chat within the platform itself. Through this, you can check if the user inspires you trust, and details about the veracity of their profile. If you have suspicions and doubts, it is best to look for another user who offers you more confidence.

7. Don't make quick negotiations

There are those who also take advantage of the seller, that is why you cannot neglect the sales you make. When someone wants to offer you more money than you ask for, or make a quick purchase without seeing the product, they suspect that it may be a scam. This is especially the case with products that are expensive.

These platforms have become very popular, to the point that Wallapop has come to surpass Amazon and Ebay, as the preferred app by users for second-hand purchases. However, we advise you to follow these recommendations that we have given you to avoid any scam .

Although these platforms try to put all the security measures available to them, scammers always find some way to get away with it . If you don't want to be involved in some difficult situation, you know, try first of all to use common sense. Do not trust bargains with users who have no reputation, and do not make payments in advance or transfers outside the platform. You should also take into account that Wallapop and Vibbo encourage purchases in person, but the fact of staying to see the product does not necessarily imply the purchase, so you should not be forced to do it if it does not finally convince you.