5 Thermomix recipe websites that are worth visiting

5 Thermomix recipe websites that are worth visiting

Everything that revolves around the Thermomix is ​​a world of endless recipes and accessories . The famous kitchen robot has become an essential in all those homes that have already tried it. And although there are many who still resist with the pans and the traditional methods, when you talk to someone who has it at home, they will convince you that with it you can no longer turn back.

When you buy the Thermomix (be careful, it is not anything, its price can range between 1,100 and 1,500 euros) in the box you will find a lot of accessories. It is just everything you need to cook with this robot. But also a recipe book: with instructions for about 200 dishes, which have been developed and tested by the Thermomix team . This guarantees a good result when carrying out the elaborations, as long as, as kitchens, we have followed the instructions provided by the experts.

But the Thermomix bible is not the only one that we can follow together when preparing recipes with this robot. There are other pages where we can find interesting and reliable cooking recipes to get yummy dishes with the Thermomix. Next, we propose five that are worth visiting.

thermomix cookbook

1. Cookbook

The first thing, logically, is always to go to the source. And in the case of the Thermomix we are also going to apply it, because the brand has a wide repository of online recipes. This is Recetario.es, a page that actually works as a repository for recipes , but which also includes a kind of forum, to which you can subscribe as a member, to comment with other people like you on your favorite recipes, get tips and various recommendations .

As soon as you access the page, you will find the recipe of the day. They are usually recipes sponsored by pasta houses, rice dishes, legumes or other ingredients, so it is not surprising that you see titles like the following: Spaguetti a la vóngole de Gallo . Be that as it may, you can use the spaghetti brand that you like and so on with the rest of the recipes.

What you will find when you click on each of the recipes will be precise instructions on how to carry out the recipe with a Thermomix, of course. Interesting things you can do on this page? Add variations to the recipe and print or download the steps . To do so, yes, you will need to be registered.


2. Recipes for Thermomix

Let's now go for a second website, which we also found very interesting, and which is called www.recetasparathermomix.com, that simple. It includes a lot of recipes specially designed for Thermomix , which you can consult by categories. First you will find desserts, but then you can go to first and second courses, as well as snack recipes, also very useful for casual events.

What we like the most about this page, in addition to the fact that the recipes are very well explained and that there is a lot of variety, is that there are special recipes, for example, for vegetarians . And they can even make their own coconut milk or liquid yogurt, ideal if you have children at home.

We also found the tricks very interesting. If you are an expert in Thermomix but still want to improve a little more, you have a special section with tricks for, for example, the butterfly to flavor desserts with lemon or cinnamon, the one that teaches us to get perfect cooking points for the eggs or the one that allows us to make orange flavored powder.

Thermo Cooking Recipes

3. Thermo Cooking Recipes

Let's go ahead with a third website with cooking recipes called Thermo Cooking Recipes and which is fantastic for finding interesting and curious recipes to make in a Thermomix. The web is beautiful, clear and has everything you need to become an ace of the famous kitchen robot.

At the top you have a menu from which you can access a lot of different recipes . You will see that there is a classification such that this is how: Diet and diet, Detox, Desserts and pastries, Christmas, Appetizers and starters, Meats, Cakes and Rice and pasta.

Here you can find curious instructions, such as how to grind coffee through the Thermomix or even prepare detox shakes or unique recipes , such as unsweetened peach jam or roscón de reyes. You also have special items to get the most out of the Thermomix with additional tips. And if you are interested, from this page you can buy more books and accessories.

spoon speed

4. Bucket speed

It is one of the most interesting blogs that you can find on the Internet with exclusive recipes about the Thermomix. It's Speed ​​Spoon and it's a blog created by Rosa Ardá, winner of several awards. Why do we like this blog? Well, first of all because she is very professional. Second, how well organized the recipes are.

You can first choose by type, such as Meats, Fish and seafood, Soups and creams, Dough and bread or Drinks or cocktails, to name a few. But also for diets, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, sugar-free, vegetarian or hypocaloric . You can find very curious recipes and if you need or prefer, you can access Find your recipe.

In this way, you can locate exactly what you need, without having to scroll through all the recipes on the blog, which are not few. Thus, for example, if you search for 'rice pudding' , you will find the recipes instantly and you can start preparing them through your Thermomix.

thermomix recipes

5. Thermo Recipes

And we finish this special one of the best web pages with recipes for Thermomix with Thermo Recipes, which is a very well designed website, where you can find countless curious and delicious preparations. What this website has, to begin with, is a very attractive and visual design, with sharp and clear images of the different recipes. In this way, you can easily find suggestive proposals. 

To find what you need faster you can use the search engine, there is an index (you can even search by photo), sections to access through the usual categories and a space with special recipes, in which to find preparations for celiacs, intolerant to lactose, vegans, diet, etcetera.